Soylent 1.8 powder arrived opened?

i just got around to opening the package i got two or three weeks ago. inside, there was loose powder all over the box

will leaving this box in the cupboard attract bugs? one of the pouches either wasn’t shut when i opened it or they all open very easily. a mass of loose powder fell into the pouch when i opened it, and i was wondering if this would be safe to consume

Maybe? I wouldn’t leave loose Soylent powder in a box in my cupboard.

I wouldn’t eat it; better safe than sorry. Also if you email with your details, they will almost certainly offer you a refund or a replacement. It’s not normal to receive open pouches of Soylent; I’d discard any that weren’t sealed.

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I suspect that the powder could attract ants, pantry moths, or cockroaches if you left it sitting loose in your cupboard. But it won’t be hard to clean. Just dust things off and you’ll be fine. Unless your cupboard is extremely humid the power probably wouldn’t rot and attract flies, so you’ll be OK on that count regardless.

As for eating it, I’d go ahead and eat it. If it smells fine, it’s pretty sure that it is fine.


I’d be careful with leaving that powdery box around – recently a lot of my dry goods (various flours, sugars, rice, etc.) in my pantry were infested with what seemed to be mites. Very tiny bugs. Luckily my Soylent/Jimmy Joy stash, which was in a separate pantry, was unaffected. Hopefully I’ve eradicated the bugs by now but I’ve been paranoid ever since.


Found something I thought was mites in my sushi rice after leaving it overnight at a friends house. I was not pleased. Only reason I even noticed them was because they were floating in the water when the rice sank. What if I hadn’t noticed? Blegh Blegh Blegh…


Extra protein.