Soylent 2.0 - 32% Price Increase?!

For any new Canadian customer, they now have to pay $42.75 USD for a subscribed 12 pack.
At the current exchange rate, it is 56.25 CAD.
That comes to $4.68 CAD per bottle.

32% price increase.
That’s a lot!

I’ve converted 9 friends to Soylent 2.0 so far (and 3 friends to Soylent powder).
And most of them are saying that despite the exchange rate, it was worth it but it was also limit pricey.

Now, I have to adjust my pitch and it makes it ridiculous to tell them it’s $4.68 CAD per bottle.

Thirty. Two. Percent.

Imagine your favorite restaurant tells you: "Your $10 meal is now $13.20"
Hahaha, that almost feels like a joke.

(Sorry for the click-bait title.)

P.S.: On top of that, they make you select “Canada” in the website options and have all the prices adjust, but they stay in USD, hahaha, thanks for the added salt in this expensive wound. Good thing my healthcare is free.

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