Soylent 2.0 and Gas?

So I’m on strictly Soylent 2.0 and I haven’t had any negative gastrointestinal issues at all. Actually I have less gas than I did before I made the switch. Also better BMs which also surprised me, being on a liquid diet.

The reason I ask is I’m trying to figure out if there’s just no gastro issues related with 2.0 or if it’s the 8 strain probiotic I started the same time I started Soylent. If I don’t need the probiotic, I wouldn’t mind saving that $30 bucks a month.

You don’t need the probiotic, and if they’re anything like most supplements they don’t even contain what’s on the label since the supplement market is entirely unregulated in the US. 2.0 hasn’t had gas problems like the powder versions. RL says the problem was rice protein, and since they switched to soy protein isolate the gas went away.

It’s not really a liquid diet, it’s a powder (solid) suspended in liquid. You’re probably pooping better because it has more fiber than you usually get :smile:

Gas was a big deal on the first few version of Soylents. Also when you make any big dietary change, Soylent or otherwise.

It’s mostly been a solved issue since 1.4. Though it’s not completely gas free.

As for probiotics, there’s some evidence they are helpful, though in what way or how is not well understood. Though Soylent is pretty easy to digest, so you could try without them.

I personally haven’t had any gas issues with soylent 2.0, and I don’t take any probiotics in general, but I do have some cheeses that are probiotic in nature every now and then. I don’t think probiotics would affect gas, since gas comes from certain bacteria depending on what you eat. for example, beans give you gas because they feed a certain bacteria that causes gas. Regardless of the amount of probiotics you take, eating things like beans will cause gas. So I would say the most likely reason is that you/'re simply eating less of the things that cause gas.

I had bad gas on earlier powdered versions, then IIRC with 1.4 my gas all but went away, then came back with 1.5. With 2.0, I’m back to the same “gas level” as before I ever used Soylent at all. :grinning:

I have severe digestive problems, from lactose intolerance to IBS. Anything you can imagine gives me diarrhea and gas. Since I’m eating Soylent 2.0 those problems are gone. I’m as surprised as you are how regular I am now. I assume that is what’s going on with you, so you can probably forget about the probiotics.