Soylent 2.0 and maintaining "healthy" calorie consumption questions

Just this morning I ordered an 84-bottle case of 2.0.This wouldn’t be the first time I could have maybe done a bit more research first. I’ve more or less been waiting on the right paycheck to get Soylent for the first time, and up until now, I had been thinking that whatever release of soylent I got would be 500 calories per serving. But the bottles are 400 each. And at 3 servings per day, suddenly I’m only at 1200 calories.

I was on a diet for about 6 months last year and I lost a lot of weight. Around 50 lbs over that time. During that period I was aiming for 1500 calories per day, except for cheat days. I work in a tech industry for long hours during the day, and if I’m not going to bed once I get home, I tend to spend most of my time continuing to sit down and do things on a computer afterwards. Needless to say, I’m fairly sedentary for a person of my age (22) and weight (210 lbs). 1500 calories worked for me before, so I was going to repeat it, but I don’t think that 1200 is going to be enough on its own.

All of this is heavily suggesting to me that I need to add more to a soylent diet to make it sustainable. But I’m not sure from what. 84 bottles is enough to do three a day. But knowing me I’ll want to cook or eat something else at different times, so maybe I’ll only have soylent on some days or some parts of days. That would give me more to consume to make up the difference, but doesn’t cover days where I’d only have 3 bottles available.

So here’s my questions:
How do you supplement 3 bottles of soylent per day to make 1500 calories? What best makes up that missing 300 calories? Does it matter?
Considering that it will already cost quite a bit compared to buying groceries twice a month, it seems a little inconvenient to have to get supplementary groceries as well. Is there a grocery that lasts and can make up the difference consistently? (cheaply and for extended periods)
Would the calories gained from basic things, like drinking milk/coffee in the morning, or occasional snacking of different kinds be sufficient?
In the future, if I were to go the subscription route, would 84 bottles per month be too low? Should I increase it to the point that I’m able to have 4 per day instead of 3?

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What best makes up that missing 300 calories? Does it matter?..Would the calories gained from basic things, like drinking milk/coffee in the morning, or occasional snacking of different kinds be sufficient?[/quote]

Those things will easily get you 300 calories a day, and a whole lot more if you’re not diligent about what your eating. If you really want to go all Soylent some days you could try 4 bottles a day to see how it works for you, or even try three and get a little extra loss that day.

Easy. Eat 300 calories of other stuff.

I vote for protein. During weight loss your protein requirement goes up. The extra protein will help you keep lean tissue and shift the percentage of weight loss more toward fat.

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Depends how much you snack and what you snack on.

Depends how many you drink in a month. My psychic powers can’t help you there.


Yup! If you’re trying to have 100% of your diet be Soylent, I think the idea is to drink five bottles a day.

You could drink four bottles a day and get 1600 calories. That’s pretty close to 1500.


I agree with @pauldwaite. 1600 healthy calories is way smarter than 1200 healthy calories + 300 calories of snacking. If you weigh 210lbs, then 1600 cal/day is still low enough to keep you losing weight.

Protein would be the second choice; it would be healthy too, but you already have the soylent so it won’t be so convenient!


When you are losing weight, and if you have normal blood pressure, try consuming some salt on the side too. I was 200 pounds once and when i began to lose weight, i had started to add lower salt to my food than i normally did, and it made me tremendously light-headed.