Soylent 2.0 *and* MealSquares together

After getting used to the dry texture, I really like my mealsquares. Trying to live entirely on them leads to feeling ravenously hungry right at bedtime, though. So I’ve been grabbing a pair of squares (and some water or energy drink) as car food when I’m driving somewhere and don’t have time for anything else. Which happens about 4 times per week.

I’ve tried DIY soylent and found that it just didn’t work for me. Liquid nutrition is drink, not food. At least that’s how it feels. Mealsquares don’t have the “not food” problem, but they’re pretty dry and I end up with cravings a few hours later. So I had an idea: Eat a square, wash it down with soylent… Food and drink!

Signed up for a subscription to 2.0 last night, enough to have 1 bottle per day with a few extras. My mealsquares subscription is of similar quantity. Has anyone else tried this combo yet?

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I’ve taste tested Meal squares for about a month or so and i can agree with what your saying. I usually put them in the microwave when I can to soften them up, cause they’re so dense. But I have done both in conjunction with another but not together. I found that MealSquares are somewhat expensive. I don’t think they are very cost effective but my opinion may change. With that being said I do have a trial subscription to NatureBox which is not that cost effective either… :-/ But there’s so much variety…but it’s just a matter of time before I get through all the snacks before I suspend my monthly’s, unless they’re able to doll out new snacks faster than I’m able to keep up with it. :-/

Not sure about consuming both at the same time. That’s like 800 calories [I]per[/I] meal. I mean, unless that’s what you want.

I plan on doing Soylent for lunch and MealSquare for dinner.

Usually in the morning I eat only a little buttered toast (or a mealsquare) along with a mug of coffee and a splash of milk. I feel better skipping breakfast entirely, but sometimes my morning medicine causes too much stomach irritation without a little food. If that’s about 400 calories and I normally need 2000-2400 per day to get by, that leaves 1600-2000 divided over 2 meals. 800-900 calories per meal usually feels about right. Especially if the meal includes at least 50 grams of fat. Fat intake is what controls satiety for me.

Summary: I don’t worry at all about consuming 800 calories in one meal. That’s normal. A little more concerned about getting too little fat…

Got my Meal Square in. Will be doing Soylent 2.0 for lunch and meal Square for dinner!

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