Soylent 2.0 causing white specks/flakes in poop. Anyone else? Anyone know why?


I love Soylent 2.0: the taste, convenience, price, etc. This thread is to help me gain a better understanding of why this might be happening.

I feel perfectly fine, but it’s strange to see what looks like a Star Crunch in the toilet:

Okay, not quite like that. I did find other pictures online that look very similar (they’re not mine).

I am 100% positive it is proportionate to my intake of Soylent:

*** Warning: If you don’t want to see #2, don’t click these links.

One bottle in a day: it’s barely noticeable (only a few random flakes).

Two-to-three bottles in a day:

Four bottles in a day:

Also, I had diarrhea one time since Soylent and it looked similar to this:

I eat regular food along with Soylent. I do not take any medications. I have daily bowel movements. A few months ago, I had my thyroid tested prior to beginning Soylent, and it was fine. I am also positive that I have never had these specks in my stool for at least 6 months before taking Soylent, because that’s when I began looking at my stools daily to make sure everything was normal.

Does anyone know what might be causing it? Has anyone else noticed this?


If you seek advice regarding your stool, show the pictures to a medical doctor.

Simply asking if anyone else has experienced white flakes in their stool would suffice… :mask:


Holy hell did the 2-3 bottles a day person eat their cat too?


I forgot to mention:

If I don’t drink Soylent for a couple days, there are zero white flakes in my stool.


@naten - In all fairness, I did give a warning. :slight_smile:


@ThomasFan - just an FYI: My wife and mom are on 2.0 and do not experience the white flakes you speak of. When I was on 2.0 I did not experience white flakes in my stool. Additionally, on 1.6 I do not experience white flakes.

No, I am not going to look at those photos. sorry bro :yum:


No, I am not going to look at those photos. sorry bro :yum:

Haha! I wouldn’t look at them either if I didn’t have white specks in my stool.

If anyone else does, they might like to confirm that it looks the same as mine. Or maybe they wouldn’t. :grin:


Or maybe Donald Trump’s wig?


Oh you nasty! …


Three to five bottles a day, no flecks. Not looking at the links.


I bet the pictures aren’t even what he says they are. Who wants to take the chance?


Let us know


The very first link is a picture of a Star Crunch box (candy). It’s harmless; hence the warning appearing after it. I assure you, however, the rest of the links are what you’d expect. According to the statistics next to links, 14 people can confirm that. :wink:


A little more information about me if it helps:

  • Soylent 2.0 is the only Soylent product that I’ve ever used.
  • I began Soylent about three months ago.
  • I am a man in my early 30’s.


It could be grey/white matter that is somehow coming loose and getting flushed out of your system :wink:
All jokes aside, I am curious what it could be… but it seems to be something specific to you since you are the first.



Oh hell no


“Believe me. Oh, believe me.”


It’s looking that way, but that’s useful information. I appreciate the opportunity to find that out. I’ll discuss it with a specialist and report back if I learn anything new.



I for one appreciate other Soylent drinkers’ stool pictures. Yeah, It’s gross and I only looked for a moment after bracing for grossness, but it provides a means to compare one’s own stool to others on a similar diet. I’m not going to share such pictures, but good on anyone who does.