Soylent 2.0 causing white specks/flakes in poop. Anyone else? Anyone know why?


My first guess would be related to fat… Those clumps are likely fat that isn’t absorbed by your digestive system and has clumped together. The question would be why then? :stuck_out_tongue: You could be having an enzyme issue perhaps, digestive track issue or just too much fat/oil for your system to handle it all.

That is my best guess at least.


I forwarded this onto the team.


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:wink: Fortunately for the team, it was a reply to my comment above, as a suggestion to the reason.


I’m sorry, I won’t look at the pictures (haha), but I got lots of white bits in my stool when I was drinking kefir every day. They stopped when I reduced my kefir intake to once every few days. Is there any fermented dairy in your life?


I wanted to give an update on this for anyone else who experiences it, which I learned from visiting a GI doctor:

Those white specks are caused by constipation, regardless of the reason you’re constipated. You can still be constipated even if you’re having bowel movements daily, especially if you’re not having a full bowel movement (for example, if you push when you go to the bathroom, you’re turning off your body’s peristalsis and you will not have a complete movement, aka some will still be left in there).

The white specks are coagulated mucus that your body produces when you’re constipated to try to help things move along and get the excrement out of your system. When that mucus is in your body for too long (because you’re constipated), it turns into little white specks/dots/etc. It’s kind of like the calcification that happens when people get tonsil stones.

Solution found with the help of my GI and physical therapist:
(1) I cut back on my Soylent intake a little, but I still drink Soylent daily and love it.
(2) I started eating more regular food. Do not go crazy eating vegetables if you’re constipated because it will have the opposite effect and not help you.
(3) I began doing pelvic floor exercises. If you have constipation, these are a must and a life saver. Once the pelvic floor exercises start working for you, immediately stop all laxatives and similar (like Linzess). Those are not good for your gut but they’re necessary until you build up your pelvic floor muscles.
(4) Walk for at least 30-60 minutes a day and drink a bottle of water during that walk.

Those solved my constipation problem entirely (and I didn’t even know I was constipated since I had a BM daily), and now I’m 100% back to normal. I haven’t seen a white speck in many months.

Good luck to anyone else with this problem. There is hope!


@magic_beans - Thanks, I actually had similar issues with introducing too much “good bacteria” into my diet after the doctor told me these were caused by constipation and I started researching constipation and what to do for it. It turns out, too much of a good thing is most certainly a bad thing, which is exactly why too much probiotics (like Kefir) can mess up the balance of bacteria in your gut, cause you to get constipated (even if you don’t realize it), and then bam… these white specks start showing up.

It’s a very tricky balance to solve constipation. I researched every trick in the book and I found everything online is BS except what I wrote above: you really have to stop trying to eat probiotics, prebiotics, etc. That stuff should help in theory but we don’t know enough about gut health to mess with it and we’ve gotten along just fine since the beginning of time without adding extra to our diet. Eating normally is plenty and your gut will balance it out itself.

I wanted to come back here to share what I had learned since it took me a lot of time and agony to figure it out. Hope I can save someone else that trouble.

Biggest tip: do not push when you go #2. Your body will do it for you. If you push, your body stops doing it for you and you have to wait until it decides to do it again, which leads to constipation.

Thanks again for replying and sorry for the late response!


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He has steatorrhea. It’s fatty stool. Could be something serious. See a gastroenterologist ASAP.


I love how this thread came back to life even though it was at rest for over a year XD I was brave enough to look at the photos lol! I have never experienced that with soylent… When I was drinking soylent. I didn’t poop at all!


Some people, like me, need to add fiber.