Soylent 2.0 Coupon for new subscribers


Let’s see if this Reddit link works…

Comment from discussion Is Soylent actively sponsoring Gamers? Brian Kibler has a Soylent badge in the bottom-right..

…OK, so it did, but is not showing up the way I’d hoped. The coupon code is BMKIBLER. Enjoy.

The updated coupon code is BMKIBLER1.

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would’ve been nice to know when I ordered a couple of days ago vOv


Me too. 2.0 order just arrived. The fact that they are discounting it already doesn’t inspire confidence. Anyway, I start my 2.0 trial for 2 weeks tomorrow.


There’s a few muggle food places that I enjoy that I don’t frequent because they always have fantastic coupon deals. That is, because I know I can always get a significant discount with a coupon I can never bring myself to pay the undiscounted price or I feel like I’m being ripped off. So when I don’t have a coupon for them I just don’t go there.


I just redid my subscription this morning too. D’Oh!


There’s always next time…

I do wonder if we can use this more than once, but just in case we can’t I think I’ll make a full months order with it and just run through it very slowly since I’m DIYing for the foreseeable future.


I’m pretty sure these coupon codes are just for your first order. At least the one I looked at earlier today had that stipulation.


From the conversation in the link above:

Does appear to work for existing customers. Added a second 2.0 subscription for 60 and it states “$116.00 ($29.00 Coupon)”; also logged onto my bank and verified $116 was charged.
Editing an existing 2.0 subscription, it takes the code, but I can’t immediately confirm if it’ll actually work because my next bill date on that description is a few weeks away.
I also can’t confirm if the discount applies only to the first shipment of the subscription or if it’s ongoing.


Anyone know of a code that hasn’t expired yet?


Darn I don’t like when companies do these sniper promotions instead of rewarding their client base as well.

Granted you want to develop new markets, but please do tell the regulars too. Even if it’s only to stock up on extra stock at least let people know via email that they can in on it too.


Check the reddit link. There is a post with a new code. It is BMKIBLER1, but who knows when it will change again.


Thanks, I’ve updated the OP.


Didn’t work for me and unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any way to see it it’s going to work. There’s just a coupon field, and you fill it in and press “purchase soylent” hoping for the best. I got no discount off my 144 bottle order.


It worked for me, but it’s my first order since 1.0, so I may qualify as a “new” order.

p.s. Not being able to see whether the coupon is accepted, or what the discount will be, is frustrating!


Worked for me today saved 69 us which is 100 Canadian woooot


BMKIBLER1 worked for me. I had to go to my account page to see the coupon was applied. As everybody says, you get no notification if it worked.


This was a reorder of 2.0 for you, right? Just want to be sure it’s not only for new customers. Did you apply it to an existing sub, or start a new one?


That was a new order for 2.0. I paid full price for a one time of 2.0 (stupid but true) and have a 1.5 subscription.


I just tried BMKIBLER1 and it has been redeemed 200 times and is no longer active. I’m sure I’ll eventually try 2.0, but for now I’m happy with 1.5, so I’ll bide my time and try to pick up a discount on my initial order.


I updated the code. It should work now.