Soylent 2.0 Coupon for new subscribers


Very sad to hear about the soylentcommunity1 deactivation. Without that coupon, is there any reason to order direct from Soylent rather than utilizing the 15% Subscribe & Save discount on Amazon? I cancelled my Amazon subscriptions a few days ago because Amazon started charging sales tax in my state. I was planning on ordering directly from Soylent instead, but without this coupon Amazon still seems like the better option even with sales tax. But now I have to wait another month for my next Subscribe & Save on Amazon. :frowning:

EDIT: I did some more research and it appears that using Amazon Prime Pantry rather than Subscribe & Save seems to be the best option, as long as you’re okay with ordering in multiples of 3 boxes, which is the most that can fix in each Prime Pantry box. Shipping on each Prime Pantry box is $6, or $2 per Soylent box. And each Prime Pantry box would have some free space to order other small stuff.

Here are the stats for Coffiest: non-subscription: $39.00 subscription: $37.05
Amazon non-subscription: $39.00 + tax
Amazon 5% subscribe & save: $37.05 + tax
Amazon 15% subscribe & save: $33.15 + tax
Amazon Prime Pantry (multiples of 3 boxes only): $30.97 + $2 shipping = $32.97 + tax

Also it looks like Amazon can somehow fit 10 Coffiest boxes in 3 Prime Pantry boxes… no idea how that’s supposed to work, but if you’re willing to order 10, that would take the shipping down even further.


Pretty sure soylentcommunity1 just gave u 10% off first order.


I think some people were creating a new account each time, which might be why they disabled it.


Interesting breakdown of the pricing. I was unaware of what Amazon Prime Pantry was until I looked it up.

Weirdly enough, when I searched “soylent” on the Amazon Prime Pantry page, Cacao and Nectar were quite a bit cheaper than Original flavor (and Coffiest didn’t even show up):


woah that’s awesome, just ordered some cacao and nectar

before shipping, it’s even 2 cents cheaper than a grandfathered original 2.0 sub ($29/12)!


Currently on the Soylent Drink page:


You didn’t have to create a new account each time, you could just cancel & resubscribe with the same account. It wasn’t one time per account, it was one time per subscription, and you could do an unlimited number of subscriptions.


Anyone know what happened to the Cacao & Nectar on Amazon Pantry? Out of stock? Was the pricing actually a mistake?? Should I have ordered way more than I did???

Edit: I finally found their pages by going through my old orders and the Cacao page just says “Currently Unavailable”… and is listed as 11 cents cheaper now… Nectar is available but it costs $39 for a box now instead of $28.98…


I spent an hour or so looking for / trying coupons and nothing worked so I gave up and ordered from Amazon again.

I apparently waited too long on TRISHCOUNT and wasn’t able to use it. I know it was $10 off the first shipment of a subscription, but was it one-time-use, or was anybody able to start a bunch of single-box subscriptions and get $10 off all of them?

FL0IB5S and FLH5E26 still appear to be accepted initially, but bomb out when trying to check out, AFTER you’ve entered your credit card info. They should just deactivate those completely and save people the trouble.

On the Amazon front, both Subscribe & Save and Prime Panty continue beating the pants off ordering directly from, though if Amazon charges you sales tax, they difference may be fairly trivial. And of course this doesn’t apply for powder, as powder is not available on Amazon except from shady resellers.

For Subscribe & Save, there’s 20% discount on a single box that should still be valid, and that’s on top of the normal 15% Subscribe & Save discount (for 5+ items shipping together), so really 35%, but only on a single box, one-time use.

I’ve also noticed that you can mess around with your Subscribe & Save date in order to get multiple shipments in a single month, although you still need to have 5 items per shipment to get the 15% discount.

Here’s how Prime Pantry versus Subscribe & Save currently breaks down, not counting the aforementioned 20% thing. I use batches of 3 because that’s what’ll fit in one Prime Pantry box ($5.99 shipping), but this assumes that you’ll be ordering enough to get 15% on Subscribe & Save

3 boxes of Cacao: $93.65 on Prime Pantry, $99.45 on Subscribe & Save: Pantry is $5.80 cheaper
3 boxes of Nectar: $110.84 on Prime Pantry, $99.45 on Subscribe & Save; Subscribe & Save is $11.39 cheaper
3 boxes of 2.0: $107.99 on Prime Pantry, $86.70 on Subscribe & Save; Subscribe & Save is $21.29 cheaper
3 boxes of Coffiest: $122.50 on Prime Pantry, $99.45 on Subscribe and Save; Subscribe & Save is $23.05 cheaper

Additional notes:

  1. Panty prices seem to vary a lot so it’s probably worth checking often

  2. Cocao on Pantry is pretty cheaper right now, cheaper than 2.0 on Pantry, but not as cheap as 2.0 on Subscribe & Save.

  3. There’s some deal on Pantry to get free shipping if you order 5 non-Soylent items from a certain list of eligible items. I looked at it and it seems to all be name-brand stuff so probably not a great deal but if you need other stuff maybe you can make it work for you.

  4. With Prime Pantry, you can fit 3 Soylent boxes in each Prime Pantry box with some room left over. Shipment on each Prime Pantry box is $5.99. Coffiest is apparently very slightly smaller; it’s still 3 per Prime Pantry box, but they claim to be able to fit 10 Coffiest boxes in 3 Prime Pantry boxes (with 0.2% space left over), so if you can handle that much at once, that might be an option. For anything other than Coffiest, it says you can do 13 Soylent boxes in 4 Prime Pantry boxes.

I had some numbers in this post wrong but I think I’ve edited everything accordingly after double-checking.


True first time customer here. Waiting for a coupon for the last 6 weeks to try soylent powder subscription. Come on!, it’s memorial day, give us a meager little coupon please :slight_smile:


Do you want half off of a box of 2.0?


You’ve been waiting 6 weeks to save a couple of dollars?


I was thinking to commit all my lunch times to soylent, then a 10-15% discount in the first month would be like $30-$40 off.
Additionally I’m doing ok with old fashioned food in the meanwhile. In the end might not actually “need” soylent without some incentive to try it out.


Wouldn’t you just be getting the cheapest order available of Soylent powder for that plan though? 7 bags would be enough for 1 meal a day for a month (I assume a resealed bag can last up to 5 days), wouldn’t it? How would you save that much with that little of a discount?


No, it wouldn’t even come close to that. Each bag makes five servings, so if you only have one lunchtime serving a day then in one month you’d only use six bags. The current price for seven bags is $64 dollars, or $54 with a subscription. Are you waiting for an 80%-off coupon?


This may have been mentioned already, but if you use the share link, then a link is generated which saves the buyer 50% off of an initial 12-bottle subscription order. When the link is followed, it will look like this.

Edit: Screenshot.


NEWLENT works, 15% off

(just used it on the café line of products)


Found coupon code LOVE on a Reddit post, just used it successfully for 20% off, seems to be for all products with no quantity limits. As per the usual, coupons are only good for the first shipment of a subscription, but you can cancel the subscription after the first shipment. It should be possible to use the coupon for multiple subscriptions, but as there’s no guarantee how long it’ll last, I ordered as much as my apartment can physically contain.


Ordering a box of Vanilla to try, best current discount code I can find is FLAVORTIME15 (15% off new sub). Anyone come across a better one (besides a targeted email code that is only good once)?


SPRING30 works right now and is 30% off a sub order (it didn’t work on the Bridge but it worked on a box of Original 2.0, not sure what else it works on).