Soylent 2.0 Coupon for new subscribers


Suddenly I feel like @Conor is my dealer.


When I posted the code I wasn’t really expecting already subscribing users to abuse it.
It probably should have been made only usable for 1st timers.
Discounts are to encourage people who haven’t bought something to buy something and come back for me.


I am pretty sure it only works for the first time you use it.


As a subscriber who “abused” the code’s availability, I am glad you posted it.


It was mentioned above, but there isn’t a notification that the coupon was applied when you order, so I wasn’t sure how much I was going to be charged until the pending transaction hit my credit card. The discount did apply, but it might be worth modifying the ordering system to show that it was successful as that might affect some people’s decision whether or not to order.

As to existing users using coupons, my opinion would be that consumers should always seek to maximize their utility. I don’t know why anyone would assume differently, but in the long term being able to provide value in excess of costs to consumers is the only way any business is going to be successful, counting on consumer philanthropy isn’t a winning business model.


Someone using a discount code isn’t abuse, the entire purpose of the code is to be used. It doesn’t matter if the code encourages someone to place their fist order, or to continue to come back and order more, either way the company wins by selling more product than they would have.


Not if the discount is such that it’s actually a loss on profit per sale but can be outweighed by continued new business. Subscribers who are already using the product and apply the discount just mean the company makes less money on month which can lead to a bunch of a financial confusion about how the company is “doing.”

The subscribers also aren’t actually making the company sell more product than they would have, they’re selling the same but just getting less money.


Not only did I miss the discount, I haven’t even received a shipping notice (or product) for a new 2.0 subscription I started 9 days ago (yeah yeah, I’ve emailed info@… Still waiting)

PS, traveling for the next week so I guess it doesn’t matter now. Where are those Soylent 2.0 airport vending machines??

PPS yes I have the takeya and a few 1.5 pouches with me…


Just make sure I get my money! I don’t want us to have a repeat of last time :smiling_imp:


I am a subscriber who may actually order/use more when a discount is available; so yes, discounts for existing subscribers can bring the company more money. There is no contract to the subscription, you can start/stop/pause at any time to receive the discount that comes with subscribing, even if it just turns out to be a single order.

My first order of 2.0 was a trial 12 pack through a subscription (which is more than what I seem to be using in a month since I primarily do DIY at the moment), since I like it I’ll continue the subscription, but if I can get a decent discount I may increase my order to a full months worth to take advantage of that discount while it’s available, then pause until I’m ready for more. I may even choose to switch to 2.0 eventually, if the price is right…

Pausing may seem like people will be using the same amount of 2.0 regularly and just ordering less often, but in reality it won’t work that way and folks will buy more product from the company in the end. Why? First, an abundance of bottles on hand will tend to lead to more use, whereas when the bottles are more scarce you are less likely to use them as often, turning instead to DIY, or McDonald’s, or whatever else is on hand. Second, and this still ties into the abundance, you’re more likely to give bottles/bags away, thereby increasing the customer base and the amount of product sold. Those people who you’ve given bottles to are also more likely to place an order to try the lifestyle for themselves if they liked that first bottle and the discounts remain available. Whereas if the initial discount to the subscriber was not available, they may not have become a customer as soon, if at all.


I agree with literally everything @kennufs just wrote. My code abuse entailed pausing my initial trial order of 2.0 and starting a larger subscription, which I would not have done without the discount. It was like a nudge. Of course, part of the motivation was also to get my next shipment sooner, until the dreaded shipping delay nullified that plan. I suppose this is my punishment for robbing RL’s coffers.

(Side note for those who are relatively new to Soylent: this delay is like a refreshing reminder of how things were exactly a year ago, when new subscribers were waiting 5 months for their first shipment. What a difference a year makes.)


I tried the code earlier today and my order was processed but there was no sign the code was accepted. Confusing. The last time I ordered 2.0 I never got it. Then as an apology I was offered a free shipment of 2.0. I never got that either. Even more confusing.

I guess I should just stick to my full subscription to 1.5 and forget 2.0.


When was the free shipment promised? They halted shipping (Sept 30, or possibly earlier?) to investigate the mold issue. It resumes tomorrow (Oct 8): Minor Fulfillment Delay, Shipping Delay Root Cause Analysis.


Yes, it was promised before the halt. if you think they will send the promised shipment after the halt you are more optimistic than I. But, we’ll see.


That sucks, you should send a friendly reminder their way that you’re due some liquid cereal.

I used the code last week. It worked fine, but gave no indication while ordering that the discount was applied. It wasn’t until I looked at the orders in my account that I was able to see the discount.

I should also note that this code may only work for new subscriptions. I happened to be creating a new subscription when I used it, so I can’t say for sure if it would have worked on my other subscription order, or even on a one time order. Hopefully someone who has tried one of those paths can clear that up for us.


I can confirm that it works on an existing subscription, as of Oct. 7, 2015, 12:44 p.m. I haven’t made any one-time orders though.

To be clear: I’ve used each code once, the first code on a new sub and the second code on an existing sub. I’m not sure if each code is one-use-per-account.


Code only works for first time subs.


Thanks, on checking my account I see that I did get the discount.


If you gave me your order email then its in the system to be shipped out.


I’ve tried the BMKIBLER1 and it now says it’s been used 500 times so is no longer available! Dagnabbit!