Soylent 2.0 Coupon for new subscribers


Last time it stopped working at 100, but they extended it, maybe they will again. If not there will be another code before long.

Maybe give it a few days to see if it extends, or try BMKIBLER2, never know…


Thanks! Fingers crossed! The sooner the discount off my first try, the sooner I’ll try it!


Give me a day ill extend it.


Wonderful! Thank you! I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about the Soylent Team’s service.


Awesome news! I paused a 12 bottle subscription, and I am about to start either a 120 or 132 bottle subscription. Is this coupon code a discount off the entire subscription or just the first shipment in that subscription?


First shipment only, it’s not a permanent -20% coupon :stuck_out_tongue:


I really want that coupon. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


:slight_smile: I figured that was the case, but wanted to make sure. Any word on when the coupon code will be available again?


I would expect it to be working today or tomorrow.


I think it is working today. I subscribed for the first time and my debit card shows a pending transaction of 20% less money (the website said I was going to be charged 290, but the charge is for 232).


It’s unfortunate they don’t show you during checkout, but if you look at the orders in your account you will be able to see the discount.


you’re right, it’s there
$232.00 ($58.00 Coupon) charged
Hurray! :smile:


Hi, I’m not entirely sure if this coupon is still available or not for first time subscribers, but I’m about to sub. Is there any coupons available? I tried using the one above but it has been redeemed 800 times. @Conor


If I use this code for subscription, does it only for the first order or works for every subscription order in the future?


Just the first order.


Just used the coupon BMKIBLER1. Used it on a 12 bottle order first to make sure it works, then on a 144 bottle order. Worked on both orders and I’m not a new customer.

$23.20 ($5.80 Coupon)
$278.40 ($69.60 Coupon)


That’s strange, it didn’t work for me. I’m a subscribed 1.5 customer, but this is my first order of 2.0. Not sure if that makes a difference. I guess I will hold off on ordering until we hear back from Conor whether the coupon is still available.

EDIT: Never mind, I’m an idiot. I accidentally hit the “purchase once” rather than the “subscription” button. :stuck_out_tongue: It did work for me once I chose to subscribe monthly.


Error - “coupon : The passed coupon BMKIBLER1 has already been redeemed 1,500 times. No more redemptions are allowed”


Any more extensions available for this subscription-start deal? Thanks!


Rather than keep extending, some of us would like to see a permanent price drop, I’m sure.

I want to send a gift pack to some people I just met, so the less expensive the better, here in Borrego Springs, Calif.