Soylent 2.0 Coupon for new subscribers


Yea I was also trying to start a new subscription with the 20% off coupon but got that error message. Would greatly appreciate another extension.


First time order. Coupon didn’t work. Any incentives left for first timers?


I am pretty sure BMKIBLER2 is what works now!


I tried it. It didn’t.


It did work for me not long ago, but they expire and are good for only so many uses.


Aww I used it on my first order which was a few weeks ago. Sorry!


I created ‘SOYLENTCOMMUNITY’ as an indefinite 10% off coupon.


Thank You Conor! I ordered it and am looking forward to trying it out.


Hey @Conor, I tried using SOYLENTCOMMUNITY and BKIMBLER2 and neither worked for me. Any update on a working coupon code?


How do you know Soylentcommunity didn’t work? My impression is that you enter it with your credit card info and it takes effect when you make your purchase.


SOYLENTCOMMUNITY is not working for me either


To repeat my question: how do you know it isn’t working? Did you put the word in with your card info and try making a purchase and find that you didn’t get a discount, because you had to pay the full amount, or did you do something else I haven’t thought of?


As I posted in the other thread, FALLOUT was still working as of this morning or last night.


I got an error message when I’m trying to checkout, saying something like “SOYLENTCOMMUNITY” is not recognized as a field in parameter coupon.

When I tried BKIMBLER2 it was the same thing except it actually told me that the coupon expired.


Aha, interesting, thanks. That didn’t happen to me.


Just checked and SOYLENTCOMMUNITY should be working, I just recreated it.


Are these repeatable coupons? I used the BKIMBLER2 coupon a couple of months ago when I wanted to try 2.0, but I assumed that coupons were not available subsequently. Has anyone tried to use one multiple times, or tried multiple coupon codes?


They are good for one use, they are tied to your account so you cannot use them more than once.


Thank you, @Conor, that is what I thought. I hadn’t tried using a coupon code again for that reason, but some of the preceding comments just made me wonder.


I used the coupon code SOYLENTCOMMUNITY and the website didn’t give any way of checking whether the coupon applied or not. It just said your order is complete, no code accepted/denied. I looked at the first month’s order and it looks like it applied :slight_smile: . almost missed it looking at January payment.