Soylent 2.0 Coupon for new subscribers


From what I gather from what others have said, if the order goes through, then the coupon is applied.
However, if it gives you any sort of an error message, then it is not applied and your order hasn’t gone through yet until you change something.


Hey Conor,

I tried using SOYLENTCOMMUNITY just now but it says the coupon is invalid. Are there any other coupons for a first time purchaser? thanks.




You guys are jerks. I might as well just walk into Rosa Labs and dump my wallet on the floor. I used one of these codes on my first order of 2.0 and now 1.5 just doesn’t do it for me texture-wise. I keep bumping up my 2.0 subscription amount as I run out. If the aim of the coupon is to get people hooked, I can tell you it worked at least once!


I am getting ‘INVALID COUPON’ trying either that one or the old one. I tried I a copy paste just in case I typo’d it as well and same effect.


You are ordering a Soylent 2.0 subscription, right? I don’t think there are any coupons for 1.5.

FALLOUT (20% off) was still working as of yesterday.


Yes 2.0. Does it need to be a subscription? I haven’t tried 2.0 yet so wasn’t planning to subscribe until I had tried it.


As far as I know, yes:

20% off your first subscription month order of Soylent. Use the discount code FALLOUT

Note that there is no reason to do a one-time order rather than subscribing; the next order won’t be charged for a month, and you can cancel the subscription in a few days (if not immediately?).


You can also pause the subscription if you want to hold off deciding where to continue of cancel. I believe they also just added a “ship me more now” button so you don’t have to wait for a month to get your next shipment.


FALLOUT (20% off) was still working as of yesterday

FALLOUT now “appears to be expired or invalid.” (as does SOYLENTCOMMUNITY)


Did you try SOYLENTCOMMUNITY1? It was updated; note the one at the end.


Man, this sucks. I really wanted to try Soylent 2.0, but only if I could get the 20% off. Entered coupon SOYLENTCOMMUNITY1, order for a new subscription went through, and my card was charged the full amount. Come on, there must be a way to check if a coupon works without completing checkout!


Our coupons only work for subscriptions, not single orders.


Yup, as I mentioned, it was a subscription


Are you positive that it didn’t apply to your order?

In the past, if you put in a coupon code, then it would either 1) apply the coupon code and take you to the order completed screen, or 2) give you an error message that the coupon code did not apply and give you a chance to re-enter it.

I know at one point that some folks were assuming that it did not apply, and then went back and looked at the order and it had indeed applied.

Of course, it also could be the case that something could have been changed in the order system, and that info may not be accurate anymore.


I think the bug is that the order page doesn’t reflect the coupon, not that the coupons don’t work. Even if the page immediately following ordering says it charged you full, go to My Account and look at the latest charge to your card from your new subscription.


I confirmed that it is working.


I just ordered with the code SOYLENTCOMMUNITY1 and it does indeed work, however it only gives 10% off.

I feel frustrated knowing that others on this thread were able to get 20% off just a few days ago.


Don’t feel too frustrated: I believe it was close to a month ago now that the 20% off was working. 10% is still pretty good.

Plus, you get 15% off for subscribing anyway (in addition to the coupon code) vs. buying without subscription, so really it is a pretty good deal.


Thanks, confirmed it works (for 10% off a subscription order) this week.