Soylent 2.0 Coupon for new subscribers


Hope they bring the 20% back

I will be at the end of my 1.5 soylent within the next few weeks. I want to try 2.0, but only if I can get 20% off in case I do not like it. I’ve been counting on 20% off of my first subscription ever since this thread appeared, but needed to use all my current 1.5 first.


I’m getting closer to needing more soylent and I would love to try 2.0

We need a new 20% coupon :blush:


Hopefully I can offer up some single use codes soon. I’ll keep you guys posted.


Any word on a new code? I want to order within the next few days, and the coupons helps me stretch my budget to a larger order.


SOYLENTCOMMUNITY1 should still be working on new subscription orders. We haven’t heard otherwise.


@Conor, This thread is old enough that I cannot edit the OP. Since the codes shown at the top no longer work would you mind either editing the top post to reflect the current code/s, or unlocking it so that I can make the change?

Should make it easier for new folks to find what they’re looking for given how long the thread has gotten.


Connor I am out of 1.5

I’m ready to try 2.0, and would like a 20% off the first order coupon as many others before me were able to enjoy. :slight_smile:


Oh and please hurry before I get too far transitioned back onto food lol


I think they have all pretty much gone to 10% off now. I doubt they make a coupon just for you at a higher rate off.

SOYLENTCOMMUNITY1 is presumably still working for 10% off.
Also, the latest one on Brian Kimbler’s Twitch page is BMK1 which is also for 10% off.

Also remember, these only work for first-time purchases.


SOYLENTCOMMUNITY1 is perpetual, or at least it’s worked for me on the same subscription multiple times.

Edit: Oops. Apparently it works on the same account multiple times (intentionally?), but not on the same subscription. I could have sworn it did before, but it looks like I was charged full price on my last order. That was the first time I clicked the “Need more now?” button; it’s odd that the easy option (clicking that button) is more expensive than creating a new subscription, which isn’t burdensome or anything but kind of unexpected.


Personally I prefer you use SOYLENTCOMMUNITY1 as it reflects me better :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks, and yes the code worked. It helped to partially offset the recent Canadian exchange rate loss.


Is this code just for ‘first time ever’ subscriptions, or for first time subscriptions of 2.0?

I just ordered some 2.0 to try it out but I’ve had (and still do) a subscription to 1.5 and previous for some time now.


SOYLENTCOMMUNITY1 works on each new subscription of 2.0, in my experience.


Theres a new code on my campus for 10% off: UBC

Enjoy :slightly_smiling:


Someone said on reddit that the below code works, but they didn’t specify if it was for 10% or 20%, I would guess 10%.


Also, fwiw, someone said that BMKIBLER2 worked for them within the last couple weeks for 20% off a new sub.


I think that one has been changed to BMK1 now, as stated above in this thread. (For 10% now.)

It was the Brian Kimbler code. You can always check for the latest one on his Twitch page.


I ordered 24 bottles using discount code SOYLENTMCMASTER for 10% off!


From marketing email:
"…use coupon code FUNFEB for 10% off your first two months of a new subscription."
(Presumably just for use for orders starting in February?)

It appears to be able to be used by anyone.

Probably still better to use SOYLENTCOMMUNITY1 as outlined above because it reflects better on Conor, (and is perpetual?) but I thought I would add this other one to the mix just in case.


Just to clarify, is SOYLENTCOMMUNITY1 a discount on every month ongoing, or just on the first month?