Soylent 2.0 first taste: one small sip for a human, one moderate leap for humankind

Oh my god.

The dream is here. Liquid nutrition.

For so long, I struggled with Soylent powder, trying to make it palatable. My only successful efforts to date yielded a gritty, unsatisfying banana smoothie. Disheartened, I resigned myself to eating atrocious frozen food.

And then, this morning, there came a rap on my apartment door. A man in a delivery uniform foisted an unexpectedly heavy box into my arms, watching me with sinister pleasure as I strained to hold it. “I wonder if he’ll come back to kill me later,” I thought to myself as I locked the door.

Stacking the bottles in the fridge, I felt disappointment looming. In my mind, I had already written off the cost of the order as a sort of donation to Rosa Labs. Keep up the good work! Maybe one day you’ll make a Soylent that goes down as smooth as water, and I can become a healthy eater.

That day came sooner than I thought. The first sip was a revelation. “This… tastes… good?!”, I thought to myself, with geniune surprise. The flavour is extremely subdued of course, but something about it made me subconsciously lift the bottle to my lips to collect each subsequent sip, like I was drinking a normal beverage, and not take it like medicine. Oh my god.

This is what Soylent was always meant to be. Liquid nutrition. The whole range of foods that constitute a healthy diet reduced to a simple, homogeneous form. A form you actually can, and want to, consume.


Do you agree with the “Cheerio’s milk” analogy for taste that has been floating around?


It’s in roughly the same gustatory space as Cheerios milk (kudos to whoever thought of that), but that makes it sound grosser than it is. (Edit: Actually, I would say it tastes more like just plain milk or one of those drinkable yogurts.)

I described powdered Soylent to my friends as tasting like the dust at the bottom of a Cheerios bag, which is not a flattering comparison.

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I wonder what @vanclute says.

Ha! It’s funny you say that! As soon as I got my 2.0 order (chilling in my fridge) I logged on to his YouTube channel to see what he thought. I, too, look forward to seeing what @vanclute thinks

I haven’t had the remaining milk from a bowl Rice Chex in years, but that’s what 2.0 reminds me of. Btw, it’s way better chilled!

And Vanclute probably won’t be using this version because his gf can’t do soy.

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Rice Chex makes more sense than Cheerios considering that oat flour was removed removed from Soylent 2.0 but a little bit of Rice starch remains.

If anyone has lots of different cereals lying around it would be nice if they could make a side by side comparison.


Absolutely, and in fact, try leaving it in the freezer for half an hour so it’s extra cold. Yum yum.


I left one in the freezer to try on the road at some point.

It tastes like Kix vanilla soymilk to me. Am I the only adult that still loves Kix? :grinning:

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I hope you removed the top and insert a popsicle stick first!

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For me it tastes (and smells) like milk with a hint of cereal. Sooo much better than previous versions!

I agree! Super taster here… 2.0 is sooooo much better. I started Soylent at 1.2 and the taste was a little bad, but bearable. Then 1.4 came around and I found it to be disgusting. The texture was slimy and way too sweet. I cancelled my subscription until deciding to give 2.0 a try. I agree that 2.0 tastes similar to cheerios milk, which works for me. It’s much more neutral than any of the others and the texture is the smoothest yet.

A+ Soylent team. Keep up the good work!

(Also, if anyone wants my remaining 1.4, message me. I still have quite a bit.)

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Anyone think it tastes too good and could result in drinking too fast/ too much?

Well I drank my second bottle too fast and felt a few minutes of bloat. It’s not that it tastes so great, it’s just that it goes down really easy.

Whups-- I’ve been trying to avoid shaking it (it’d be a nice habit to break, sometimes I catch myself about to shake a can of soda) and this morning I noticed a slight powdery/sludgy feel on the last sip. Back to shaking, I guess.

You shake lemonade, orange juice, etc. before you pour it. I don’t see that as a negative for Soylent 2.0. I just got mine today. Oddly enough exactly the same day I got this months shipment of Soylent 1.5. I can’t see myself paying the extra money for 2.0 but that will probably change. Of course that may change tonight when I have my first drink of 2.0. :smile:

After I work through the remainder of my DIY at 1/3 a day (2/3 Soylent 1.5). I may switch to 1/3 Soylent 2.0 and 2/3 Soylent 1.5. My biggest problem is that I still have the horror farts with Soylent 1.5 if I go 100%.

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Jeff, I think you’ll be happy with 2.0. I had bad farts from 1.5 at even 25%! But no gas problems with 2.0 so far. (2.5 bottles per day or less)

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I wish I shared everyone’s enthusiasm, but I’m disappointed in 2.0. I was really looking forward to the pre-mixed version, because after almost a year of powdered Soylent, I was getting tired of the mixing routine and cleanup.

To recap, I’m one of those weird people who loved 1.4. 1.5 was a slight step down for me, but I got used to it and added less water to get my preferred thicker texture.

My review of 2.0: too bland, to thin. I feel like I’m drinking a bottle of milk, when what I really want is a shake or a smoothie, which is more pleasurable to me and makes me feel like I’m having a meal. Although I refrigerate 2.0, it never tastes quite cold enough to me, so I may try putting it in the freezer for awhile as someone above suggested. However, that won’t work for me at work. It also has a somewhat unpleasant aftertaste for me. Although I usually flavor my Soylent, I’ve been trying to wean myself off of that, and have gotten to the point where I enjoy the taste of plain 1.5.

I look forward to my1.5 Soylent meals. I don’t look forward to 2.0 when that’s what’s waiting for me.

So, I’m torn as to what to do. I was hoping to drop the subscription to powdered Soylent because of the convenience factor, but now I don’t know. I’m really tired of washing my blender and pitcher every day and the airborne powder mess. But I don’t like 2.0 enough to make the switch, at least not yet.


You’re kind of lucky if you like the taste of 1.5, since it’s so much cheaper! I’m sorry you don’t like 2.0. The convenience is a huge plus. I didn’t like 1.4 but I find 2.0 so delicious. I crave it!

2.0 definitely tastes better cold. I usually leave it in the freezer to the point right before ice would start to form. Although I still think it tastes good out of the fridge, or at school after I left it in my bag for two hours — so if it doesn’t taste good to you at fridge temperature, making it colder probably won’t help.

I don’t know what to do about the thinness, but what about flavouring it?