Soylent 2.0 flavors

Got some of the “original” flavor 2.0 today…


So ugly. It’s bad all around, but if you’re going down this route, don’t put the RTD text too high like that.

Just noticed in the ingredients… natural coffee flavor, coffee powder, alkalized cocoa powder…

Uhm. Oops. Sounds like a different product.

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Nutrition label doesn’t match Coffiest, though. Friggin’ amateurs.

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Coffiest sells for a premium… Will other flavors of 2.0 also cost more? I don’t believe any of the competing products charge a premium for flavors.

Yes, that is the trend.

Just tried my first bottle of my new “Original” flavor shipment (Expiration Date of 10/20/2017). It seems thicker with a more pronounced Graham Cracker taste.

As someone else already pointed out… Natural Coffee Flavor? WTH!? Are they just putting a generic ingredient list on the back for all of the Soylent Drink product lines?

This means a pause on 2.0 shipments while they fix their labels. Oi.

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I hope the poor sap that does Q&A for RL reads this and knows we feel your pain!


Interesting. Original now comes with L-theanne?

No, they (mis-)labeled original with Coffiest ingredients.

are you sure the above photo isn’t a photoshop?
Mislabelled food requires a recall.

We are correcting the issue on our end. There won’t be any recall.


They will just slap a new label with the correct ingredients over the incorrect labeling.

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Hey Conor - is customer safety really your number one priority?
You are judged by your actions not your words.

This is the step we are taking.

Yeah. Wonder why they didn’t do that with Coffiest though.

For product which hasn’t left the warehouse re-labelling is fine.
Not recalling product which has been sent to customers and is incorrectly labelled seems negligent.

I could see this if the error was that of omission (an ingredient not listed). But that’s not the case. I doubt anyone will be harmed by the lack of coffee flavorings.