Soylent 2.0: Glorious! Absolutely glorious!


Bravo to the Soylent team. Bravo!

Drinking my first bottle of Soylent 2.0, and it tastes good! The cheerios milk description is quite apt, if not precise. It is, like the other reviews say, absolutely smooth. The grittiness of the powder Soylent isn’t something that bothered me, but it’s simply not present in Soylent 2.0.

Most importantly, for me at least (you might have seen my rampage around here after taking my first taste of Soylent 1.4 – and 1.5 after that – oh god), the horrid taste and aftertaste of Soylent 1.4 and 1.5 is completely gone. Nor does it leave a weird coating in your mouth after swallowing. It does leave a slightly chalky taste in the back of your throat, but it’s barely noticeable. I actually debated even including this, because it really is barely noticeable – I had to focus and think about it to even notice it. Anyone who didn’t like Soylent 1.4 or 1.5 absolutely should give 2.0 a try; you will be pleasantly surprised.

I love the minimalist packaging and bottle design. My only feedback are: I’d like the Soylent logo to be a bit more prominent on the bottle – let others see that I’m drinking Soylent! – and to add the nutrition information label to the other side of the bottle so I can show others. Let the customers sell your product! Love the box with the perforated corners!

My only disappointment? The nifty box doesn’t fit in my tiny 1.4’ x 1.4’ mini-fridge! :smiley:

Again, a job absolutely well-done, Soylent!


I agree about the logo thing. I think a big S logo on the bottle would be perfect. Not so people can know what I’m drinking (I don’t see myself drinking this outside the house) but just because. I found this on the net somewhere but I remember it looking different before…


I absolutely agree. I had a hard time with powdered Soylent, but the bottled drink changes everything.


I like the understated packaging myself. I’m with you on not like 1.4-5, and really enjoy the 2.0 experience so far.


I think it should be ‘Soylent’ on the bottle rather than just S.

‘S’ could lead people to think it could be something else. But a prominent ‘Soylent’ printed on the bottle (not too big though as it wont look classy) but bigger than the current size, would be wonderful from a marketing point of view.


I think it looks pretty classy as it is, and the stark white bottle may peak curiosity.

I’m torn because on one hand I’d like to see the nutrition label on the bottle, but on the other it would ruin the aesthetics. For now I guess I’d say leave it as it is until they move into retail and need the label for individual sale. Maybe in the meantime putting a code on the bottom that people could scan to easily take them to online info could be helpful, you know, for those folks who can’t be bothered to type their way to a Google search.


I agree…S could mean Sulfur and I definitely don’t want to drink pure Sulfur.



Just drank a bottle this morning after it has been chilling in the fridge overnight. People were right – it tastes even better chilled. I couldn’t help but chug the whole thing down, :smiley:


See…’‘S’’ could mean anything.


The thing is even if it sparks curiosity people not might ask the person drinking it, what it is. But if they see ‘Soylent’ printed on it big enough, they’l know.


Sounds like a winner. Out of curiosity, are you guys refrigerating your whole supply at once, or just a day’s worth at a time? My roommates wouldn’t appreciate me taking over the whole fridge with bottles, so what’s the shelf life difference between keeping your whole stock cold vs leaving most of it in the pantry until you need it?


Absolutely no difference in shelf life. You can keep it at room temperature at all times and drink it at room temperature too and it’ll be just fine. It just tastes better chilled, that’s all.

The only caveat is, if you open a bottle and drink some of it, you’ll need to put it in the refrigerator to keep it from going bad.

Personally I have my own 1.4’ x 1.4’ mini-fridge, so I put all 12 bottles in there. It used to contain cans of coke, but I’m replacing them with Soylent – much healthier! :smile:


I just ordered 48 bottles. We’ll see how the canola oil and sucralose treat me, in the past I have had unpleasant reactions to both. :frowning:


But the most important question (for me) - Does it have the same effect as powdered Soylent? That being a feeling of satiety. Obviously, it’s (relatively) pointless if you feel like you need a second bottle thirty minutes later.

[Edit: Hmmm. I might be overstating the purpose of 2.0. At only 400 calories per bottle (where powdered is 500-550), is this more of a supplement than a replacement?]


It seems to me like they wanted folks to be able to have more granular control over their consumption. Instead of 1500, 2000, or 2500; we now have the ability to easily consume 1200,1600,2000, or 2400 calories per day (or whatever amount)


Marketing gimmick. They can advertise “Only $2.42 per bottle”, instead of “$3.03 per bottle” if they were 500 cal bottles.


I’d call it a snack. Usually a “meal” of Soylent for me is 600-750 kcal.


Previously, I thought that there was no logo at all on the bottles so I thought they were trying to be environmentally friendly or something. If you are going to have a logo at all then just make it a normal sized one? or at least make it go all the way around the circumference of the bottle so that its visible from all sides.


They actually advertise it as “$2.42 per 400 kcal,” not per bottle. Presumably it would say $3.03 per 500 kcal if they sold 500 calorie bottles.