Soylent 2.0: Glorious! Absolutely glorious!


Yes, and they chose smaller bottles so that the price would look smaller.


I would assume there were other considerations on the bottle size beyond marketing. (some might be: optimal size for shipping, retail shelves or vending machines, conforming to industry standards for beverages in some way, production ability, consumer preferences, etc.)

That isn’t to say that marketing wasn’t a factor, just that it likely wasn’t the only factor.


You’d like that to be true, but I don’t find any of those indications in the real world. Square sided bottles (like Odwalla) would be more space efficient. Larger bottles are less waste, more space efficient, etc. ~20 oz bottles (most sodas, Vitamin Water, etc.) are in abundance in vending machines.


Another company is producing the Soylent. They likely had a limited number of bottle sizes to choose from. See this thread:


Yep, you’re right @Zenman, the 14oz bottle is the largest of it’s type offered by their manufacturer. Here’s the link to their packaging options: So RL would need to switch manufacturers to use a different bottle.


Good find codemaker.


Yeah this sounds good too.