Soylent 2.0 Higher Power?

I first stumbled upon Soylent before it was even available, back in mid-2013, in a Popular Mechanics (or was it Science?) article. At the time I envisioned Soylent as a bottled product that I could buy and drink without preparation. The photo of such in the article probably helped assure me that that was what I could expect. I couldn’t wait!

The two versions of powdered Soylent that I would later try out were beyond disappointing for me. Too much mixing, shaking, cleaning up, and way too much gas! I’ve had to quit Soylent twice now.

I pray to the Soylent Gods that they remove the GAS from this version of Soylent. And if you have time, please lower the price, and add 100 more calories to each bottle. :sunglasses:

Let us pray.

Higher power? That could be solid soylent in my opinion. 3.0?

Solid Soylent 3.0 may be the answer. A little harder to get down than liquid, maybe some crumbs to worry about, but definitely cheaper to ship…equalling a cheaper price. I’m just tired of waiting for truly “easy” and non-gas-producing Soylent.

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and you can ‘chew’ it. Also mixing, shaking, blending can be avoided.

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I can understand your frustration, although from what I understand, Soylent doesn’t give everyone gas, and the different versions of Soylent so far have given gas to different people.

It would be great if they could figure out a formula (or set of formulas) that gives no-one gas, but I presume that’ll take some time.

According to the release notes they added Isomaltooligosaccharide which allegedy “produces the fewest
gastrointestinal side effects of all common prebiotic fibers” (and, obviously, has a snappy name as well!), so fingers crossed Soylent 2.0 is kinder to your digestive system.

I wholeheartedly agree. The ideal grab and go option would be a solid/ bar format. The one thing I find myself missing most is the satisfaction of chewing.

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You can always get that back with some nice, healthy, natural chewin’ tobacco.


Not just satisfaction…you can get a lot more with chewing tobacco. (oral health issues)