Soylent 2.0 is $500 for us canadians?!

so when soylent first came to canada a immediately subscribed for a months supply, which lasted for about 4 months. now im just looking into getting 2.0 here and see a monthly subscription is $350 in USD, which after a google calculation comes up as $500 CAD. is the current value of our dollar what is used in the transaction? Because I reaaaaally want soylent 2.0 but $500 a month for it is absurd.

Your bank will do the currency conversion for you.

Yes the exchange rate is record low right now.


Yup, it sucks, just got charged for my latest shipment.

Perhaps Canada can just switch to using the US dollar as their currency.


Sure. As soon as we switch to the metric system.


Metric sucks. Base-12 (dozenal) is where it’s at!

Also, if we used base-12 (dozenal), we would be celebrating a new century!


I didn’t realize just how bad the Canadian dollar had gotten until I received a PayPal automatic subscription payment notification the other day. When I first started that subscription, CAD was just a couple cents off from USD…then at some point we started paying 20% more…now we’re paying almost 50% more?? I’m not buying any products or services from the US any more. It’s just outrageous. I still have a Soylent 2.0 subscription going(just 2 boxes per month, though), but I’m going to end that soon too unless our dollar miraculously takes a turn for the better in the near future.

Unfortunately the time has come to switch to Canadian Soylent-like products…none of which offer a 2.0 equivalent.

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Out of curiosity what is available out there from Canada, if you don’t mind?

Biolent, HolFood, and Jackalent AFAIK. The first two are almost as pricey as Soylent with the crap exchange rate though, and the third one is on a hiatus.

Aww, didn’t realize the others were still so expensive. Guess I’ll just have to switch back to powdered Soylent and get some Boost for my drink-snack needs. Not ideal, but oh well.

after 4 months of soylent 1.5 i just cant do the powder anymore and ive been wanting to try the 2.0 for awhile but i dont think thats going to happen now with the exchange rate. 2.0 would really help my life out though thats for sure

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I know how you feel. After trying 2.0 the powder is pretty hard to drink, but 2.0 is too expensive to have on its own :frowning:

I’m somewhat surprised that Rosa Labs doesn’t designate a Canadian person or group to manufacture in-country. Maybe they couldn’t do 2.0, but you’d think they could manage a much cheaper 1.5 or even a DIY equivalent.

Why stop there? In my world everything is hex. And yes, I celebrated my 0x30th birthday (although sometimes I still tell people I’m 0x2f).


I could go for that. However, I think one of the arguments for base-12 (at least if I understand it from the above video) is that it easily factors into thirds with no remainder, which base-16 does not do. Also, the finger counting thing (mainly for little kids), there are 12 phalanges on the four fingers, as described in the video. The number of things divided into twelves (hours on a clock, months in a year, inches in a foot, counting by the dozen or gross in many applications, etc.) make it easily applicable to everyday things. Obviously anything other than base-10 would be extremely difficult to learn after being taught base-10, but I wonder how easy it would be if we grew up in an alternate universe where base-12 was the norm instead of base-10.

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Thankyou, I will probably order samples of the first two and compare them to my 1.5 I have yet to try. Really annoyed by this as 2.0 is soooooooo convenient.

One of the surveys that went out a few months ago asked how people felt about spending $2.42 per meal. It would be wonderful, but in Canada, that’s not what we’re paying. A 60-bottle subscription order still came to around the $200 mark, and that was almost two months ago. If we got to pay $2.42 CDN per serving, I’d order more-- a lot of us likely would. For the moment, it’s back down to 30/month.

Soylent 2.0 is wonderful and has been life-changing for me due to its effect on a symptom of the chronic illness I deal with. Given the low dollar, I’m going to have to reduce my Soylent intake, which will inevitably cause a setback. Not looking forward to that.

Team Soylent: What’s the likelihood of opening a Canadian plant to help with the pricing before you tackle Europe?


Yeah, if we were paying $2.42 CAD I would be buying waaaay more than 24 bottles per month.

Even if the plant is Canadian, it wouldn’t become magically cheaper.

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