Soylent 2.0 logistics and pricing

There is probably a better thread for this, or I should split these into two threads. But I figure they’re very short discussions.

First, I would really like to ask about the logistics of shipping this. I’m a 28 bags/month subscriber, and if each bottle is 1/5th of a day, I’d probably subscribe to the 144 bottles/month for 2.0 (144/5 = 28.8). Obviously adding water is going to drastically increase weight and volume, but for monthly orders like that…I’m worried about how realistic that is. 12 12 packs? Maybe I’m overestimating the size of a bottle or weight, but that seems to almost warrant a small pallet when shipping?

Secondly, price. I’m sure the issue has been covered at length, so I don’t want to complain, I just want to peer review my math. Soylent 1.5 is $255/month for 112 bags, the equivalent of bottles being 144 bottles/month, so $348/month for subscribers. That’s $93/month increase, $1.10 per meal increase, and $1,116/year increase? Unless 144 bottles/month isn’t the equivalent of 112 bags/month, like I said, just looking for some math checkers out there so I budget this stuff right.

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We don’t know yet, but I’ve asked.

Let’s check it per calorie, as opposed to per “meal”, because “meal” is pretty vague (and has been used by Rosa Labs to describe both 400 and 500 calorie servings).

  • One bag of of Soylent 1.5 = 2000 calories.
  • 28 bags of Soylent = 56,000 calories for $280 (or $255 if you’re grandfathered into the old bulk discount)

Whilst with 2.0:

  • One bottle of Soylent 2.0 = 400 calories
  • 144 bottles of Soylent = 57,600 calories for $348

So yup, 2.0 is $93 a month more (although you get 1,600 extra calories COMPLETELY FREE!!!)

Another way to look at it (as seen on the current Soylent homepage) is $2.42 per 400 calories for 2.0, as opposed to $1.82 per 400 calories with the grandfathered 1.5 price.

I believe Soylent still expects people to eat the same number of calories per day with 2.0 as they did with 1.5.

I should also note, I’ve never had a damaged bag or box. I wonder what the margin of shipping damaged products will be expected with 2.0?

AH ok, thanks, I’ll keep an eye on that thread!

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If each bottle of liquid Soylent contains 14 ounces then at minimum a shipment of 144 such bottles requires dimensions to hold 60 liters. That’s a lot of space and weight compared to powder Soylent, though for a full 28.8 days of food it’s probably less than normal.

I can fit two 2-liter pitchers in a box holding a week’s worth of powder. If they figure out a way to maximize spacing efficiency I could see 6 liters of liquid fitting in that box, but that’s still more than double the volume required. Of course since the water is coming along for the ride it’s going to be several times heavier as well, which is probably why the price is higher.

Throwing out a rough guess I’d say 2.4 days worth of the liquid weighs as much and takes up the volume of a week’s worth of the powder. Hmm.

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Yeah, per calorie makes a lot more sense. Thanks for clarifying that!

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Wow D: that’s pretty intense for a monthly residential delivery

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Is definitely going to be bigger/heavier, but I think a good comparison would be a can of soda. The Soylent bottles should be slightly taller, but otherwise of a similar size. So if you can imagine a dozen 12 packs of soda (or 24 6 packs, or 6 cases) you’ll be in the ballpark.


Time out. 112 bags per month is enough for 4 people – and the cost would be > $1,000. What am I missing here?

I think he meant 112 meals — at 500 calories per meal (which is what Soylent publicise for 1.5) so 28 bags.

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Oh yeah, thanks. That makes more sense.

Can anyone really do simple maths for me?

I was paying $70 for 7 bags, so one bag was $10. Thats one day and that means $3.33/meal for 3 meals a day.

How much does a day of the new Soylent cost? And per meal? (3 meals a day)

I know I’ll get the grandfathered pricing. I still want to know what the new prices are.

Liquid Soylent is 21% more expensive per calorie than powder Soylent, so you would be paying $12.1 for a day’s worth.

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Sorry, yes, fixed XD wow, totally overlooked that