Soylent 2.0 Media Roundup

This is a thread for news on the introduction of Soylent 2.0.
Feel free to add more as you see them. There will be a bunch. I am just trying to use this as a catchall thread instead of there being multiple creations. I will edit this top post as I see more.





Blogs, etc.:


WOW, you are on your game!


If there were People’s Choice awards for people who post here, I would definitely put inquirer in the list (as well as MentalNomad and Ric) and others I have forgotten. Maybe a good way to combat not-so-good posting is to reward good posting?


Holy crap their marketing team has been busy. To have all of the media outlets releasing the story on the same day RL announced it must have taken some serious planning.


Our communications director is awesome!


That’s an understatement! Incredible how fast this spread!

That Gizmodo piece is borderline libelous, I can’t believe they let their people rant like that. Annalee Newitz needs to be informed with a vengeance.

edit: this is possibly the worst piece of judgmental word-vomit I have ever read.


Yeah, it is really bad. I almost didn’t post it, it was so bad.

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Wow, just read it. She really hates Soylent, and apparently Rob too.

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Right now if I google “Soylent”, that steaming pile of an opinion piece shows up right near the top as “news”. So lame. But…sometimes any press is good press…

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Ars Technica reposted a piece from @Rob’s blog today:

This post originally appeared on Soylent creator Rob Rhinehart’s personal blog, and kicked off a heated debate in the Ars staff IRC channel about whether Rhinehart’s approach to sustainable living is over-the-top nuts or simply hard-core committed. As he explains, Rhinehart doesn’t just drink Soylent—he’s also made some pretty significant lifestyle adjustments in an attempt to lower his personal environmental impact. We asked for permission to re-run Rhinehart’s post here to see what the Ars audience has to say about major sustainability sacrifices and their consequences.

It is an interesting read, and Rob uses some pretty colorful metaphors to describe his view of the world, but what is even more interesting is the utterly insane flamefest that ensued in the comments. People are slandering him, accusing him of all kinds of insidious nonsense. I don’t particularly agree with Rob, but I’m pretty disgusted at how much hate and vitriol is being directed at someone who is clearly well-intentioned, if perhaps a bit eccentric.

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Yeah, that was pretty brutal. I almost posted it, but since it was a repost of Rob’s blog, I didn’t. He actually got a lot of flaming on his actual blog posting’s comments section as well.

I am wondering why people are reacting so viscerally to it. It seems fairly forward-thinking to me, although I really can’t ever see myself going to such lengths. Obviously his heart is in the right place. I hope he doesn’t take the negative reactions too badly.


and we can see why it shows up at the top, even here where most people like Soylent it’s the most-clicked link :wink:

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Yes Sententia, negativity sells.

I liked Rob’s blog post. But the part about getting his clothes custom made in China didn’t seem very eco friendly to me. Why not buy your stuff at thrift stores? Or at least buy clothes made closer to home? American Apparel is made in the USA etc.

More negativity from earlier today (or, more accurately, a summary of the negativity):

I didn’t read the whole thing but it seems he buys clothes from china because they can be custom made in a certain way that doesn’t take much water at all. He’s weighing water saving against fuel saving from transportation, and honestly I don’t know enough about the consequences or current state of global warming and water shortage to comment whether he made a good choice. I’ll say grafting one’s entire life to achieve a single goal (like dropping a/c) is probably a path to making un-optimized decisions, but he’s a real weird guy anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

I like his blog for the humor though it can be hard to tell when he gets near the line separating sardonic jokes and the things he actually means, like the space stove paragraph.

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"Soylent for all!"
"Very well. No Soylent for anyone!"
"Soylent for some, miniature American flags for others!"

Gawker Media is scummy.

It’s so awful that anyone with a brain will not take it at face value.

I don’t know what the water savings are like, but goods from China are already shipped to the US on a massive scale. Think of how huge a cargo container is, now think of how huge a cargo ship is, and now think of the weight/volume of some clothes. It’s so tiny. Someone smarter than me should do the math!

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Aye, but this is a problem for a large percentage of the population who deactivate their brain the moment they connect to the Internet.


Just saw that Gawker article. That was depressing to read. But I drank Soylent as I looked it over so I don’t feel as bad :slight_smile: