Soylent 2.0, one bottle pungent like yogurt

Hello. @Soylent I’ve only experienced about four bottles of Soylent 2.0 so far, but this one I opened had a strong yogurt-like pungency that was unlike the other bottles. I did a visual inspection after tasting this first intense sip, and I see nothing like mold or anything out of the ordinary. I even poured it in a glass to compare, and poured another bottle in a glass, they look identical. I took another sip to see if I was just crazy… no, this one was horribly intense with a bright yogurt-like flavor. I spit it out. Is this dangerous? Why is this one bottle different? They all came in the same 12-pack box. The code on the “bad” bottle is 5219P7FPA JP, 21:35 SLGRM1.

Has anyone else experienced this? @Conor can you comment on this?

The @Soylent tag is no longer being monitored. Have to tag @Conor to get their attention.

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Sounds like it had a culture growing in it of some sort… bacteria most likely going by your yogurt description.

Could you shoot me a PM with the yellow number and the best by date off the cap. It helps us narrow the search. Sorry for the troubles, i’ll help you out!

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From the looks of things, I believe Customer Service is doing an amazing job on this for me and even volunteered to replace my order! Thank you Conor for your pointing me in the right direction to get this handled. I don’t know how many other bad bottles I might encounter in this batch, but with a replacement order on the way, I am confident that I will have more than I bargained for in terms of usable product, and I really couldn’t ask for more.

Excellent work, Soylent Team!!!