Soylent 2.0 Price Has Increased

I just noticed that Soylent 2.0 has gone from $2.42 per bottle to $2.69 per bottle. My current subscription still charges at the lower rate, but any new subscription charges at the higher rate. Has Rosa Labs mentioned this?

Original Pricing

  • 12 Bottles - $29
  • 24 Bottles - $58
  • 36 Bottles - $87
  • 48 Bottles - $116
  • 60 Bottles - $145
  • 72 Bottles - $174
  • 84 Bottles - $203

New Pricing

  • 12 Bottles - $32.30 (+$3.30)
  • 24 Bottles - $64.60 (+$6.60)
  • 36 Bottles - $96.60 (+$9.60)
  • 48 Bottles - $129.20 (+$13.20)
  • 60 Bottles - $161.50 (+$16.50)
  • 72 Bottles - $193.80 (+$19.80)
  • 84 Bottles - $226.10 (+$23.10)

I think this was done when Soylent started selling on Amazon. Something about Amazon making Soylent sell for the same price on vs., and Amazon’s subscription discount.


The change happened months ago.

Amazon it is $34 a case for 1 time payment. $32.30 with 1-4 item subscription. $28.90 with 5 item Subscription.
The price may fluctuate month to month without your approval, so you have to watch it.
However, the price has not been volatile and changed at all like some other products.

Directly from Rosa Labs is $34 a case 1 time payment or $32.30 with a subscription.

If a person is ordering just 1-4 cases then Directly from Rosa Labs is your best choice.
This cuts out the middle man and problems are handled directly by RL who does an excellent job.
(Amazon does a good job too, but why not just go direct)

If a person is ordering 5+ cases monthly then Amazon is your cheapest option for $28.90 a case.
However, this does not mean Amazon is the best option. It just is the cheapest at this time.

Rosa Labs may be $32.30 a case, but when prices change they usually grandfather everyone in at the cheaper rate.
This means if the price goes up on the RL website, you still pay the cheaper price as long as you do not stop and resubscribe.

Do you like Amazon for the cheapest price, or do you prefer Rosa Labs direct for the grandfather bonus?


If you order 5 subscriptions from amazon (including soylent 5 subscriptions, not 5 boxes, of soylent) you can get the old discount.

Pro tip: If you want 5 boxes of Soylent from Amazon subscription, don’t get a single five box subscription. Instead, subscribe for one box. Then leave subscriptions. Subscribe for another box. Leave subscriptions. Etc. You will end up with five one-box subscriptions, and get the 15% discount, while one five-box subscription only gives you the 5% discount.


I just realized the soylentcmmunity1 discount is only for the first month. This means I lost my powder sub for NOTHING.

I may go the Amazon route now. Can we drop F bombs here?

Also Amazon sells only the liquid 2.0 in bottles they do not sell powder yet. you still have to go to RL for powder

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Go for it. F bombs too.

Lets hope they don’t sell the powder on Amazon. If they do there will be a price increase and I don’t want that.