Soylent 2.0 Quality Questions

Has anyone experienced anything like this with their Soylent 2.0 orders?

I checked the other bottles in the fridge, and they weren’t frozen (at first I thought it might be a temperature issue). Any ideas?


Wow, that’s nasty.

Looks like the bottle lost the seal somewhere along the way.
It may be good idea to shake every one of them trying to feel any irregularities, and take a peek inside after removing the cap…

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Shhh, keep it quiet otherwise everyone will start asking where their free mould is.

Oh my god! That doesn’t look good. I think you got a bad batch. I wouldn’t drink that, and I would ask for a free replacement.


Can you enter the text on the stamp? Can’t read it in the picture. Or maybe remove the shrink wrap and take a new pic since it actually stamped underneath on the bottle directly.

Yeah, sorry, that wasn’t as helpful as I’d hoped. Maybe this will be better:

5216P7FPA JP
03:40 SLGRM1

I’ll definitely be checking my bottles as I open them. I’m not really an alarmist (don’t think you can be and drink soylent!) but I’m a little concerned about what I can’t see. This was just one bottle though! Hopefully it’s an isolated incident…


Did it smell bad?

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Not noticeably so. Didn’t do a up-close investigation though.

One of mine today had the same black/green mold stuff. I smelled it and it smelled perfectly fine, I wiped it out and tried just a tiny sip to test taste and it seemed fine, but mine wasn’t chunky at all. Seems like some sort of sealing problem, I had some of the mold on the screw ridges for the cap.

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Thanks for posting the lot number, could you PM me at your earliest connivence.

Here’s another data point from reddit.

Did that bottle end up being frozen, or was it foamy? Did it thaw in the glass?

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Doubt it has anything to do with “frozen”… This is basically like when milk goes bad and gets clumpy.

I asked because OP had mentioned they checked the remaining bottles to see if they were frozen, but I wasn’t clear if they thought this one was, or if it liquefied after sitting…

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Should people who got orders from the same batch get in touch? Haven’t noticed the issue in the two bottles I’ve opened so far, and all markings on my bottles (except for the timestamp) are the same as the original post.

No, it wasn’t frozen. That was my initial hope, but turned out to be incorrect.

Just to clarify, I already consumed a bunch of bottles from the same lot. No issues other than the one as far as I can tell. I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out, but as someone said earlier, this could be an issue with the packaging or shipping as well, rather than the whole lot. If you have concerns I’d suggest you get in touch with Soylent customer service. They seem to very on the ball.

Most importantly, I think we need to check the bottles carefully and post the lot numbers and pictures of any issues. Or email them to Soylent customer service! That way they can get a handle on the problem quickly.

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Please let us know what corrective action(s) that your copacker is taking to prevent further events of this type of nonconformity. Thank you in advance.

I’m wondering about this too. Though so far I’ve opened at least 6 from this batch that have all been fine. (Possibly more than 6, if the box in my fridge at home is from the same batch as the box in my fridge at work.)

I will be talking with our operations team today, we want everyone to have the best Soylent experience.


Good corporate policy. I approve.


Thanks for following up on this - just wanted to check whether there were any updates.