Soylent 2.0 Quality Questions


We are still looking into the issue.


I just imagine it’s blue cheese and have at 'er.


Maybe you will get super powers. Mold Man!


We are still looking into it, I’m hoping to have something to report tomorrow. The shipping delay is its own issue that happened to 1.5 and 2.0.

Minor Fulfillment Delay

It seems like only 2-3 people have actually found any mold, likely out of several thousand bottles shipped, it’s probably not a big or even concerning issue. If it was, there would be several hundred people reporting similar issues.


I would count as 4th. It may be underreported.

My daughter found one of the bottles with moldy edge like the one pictured here. Liquid inside wasn’t spoiled. She tossed the bottle so I don’t have evidence to post.


Could you potentially PM me pictures of the other bottles in your order?


I had a similar issue, currently working with support@soylet to resolve. Just read about the mold issue last night and next bottle I opened today at lunch had the following in the lid:

Green/Black stuff on the bottle as well:

Poured the bottle through a strainer to see what I may have potentially been drinking in other bottles:

Zoomed in:

Here is the lot number off the bottle:
5216P7FPA JP
19:24 SLGRM1

I poured out too other bottles through the strainer from the same case but they were fine.


Thank you for the detailed feedback. Could you PM me so I can assist you further.


@conor can you pass some suggestions along? Less time from when liquid is put into the bottle to when the bottle is sealed? More sterile/clean air in the room? Make sure the air is as dry as possible, including the floor and the rest of the area. Also improve the seal, instead of just a cap, it could be a pull off seal, like what is inside some juice bottles or similar… Or make a switch to aluminum cans that can be pasturized after being sealed.

Source: I work on the floor level in production of beverages in Denmark (large international company*) There is always fungus spores in the air everywhere unless your room has filtered air and is sealed from the outside air in some way… Minimize the the exposure time the bottles have the the surrounding air to decrease the chance of spores landing on the bottles.


Our dev team are always on discourse. So even when I tell them , they have already read. They take the feedback from this community very serious.Thank you for the expert feedback, we are working on a more robust ‘how it’s made’ type break down of the powder and drink.


The style of seal isn’t as good as I would normally expect for such a nutrient-rich beverage(it’s a very good growing medium). I like the little coated aluminum peel-off seals they put on Milk2Go bottles. They’re more airtight. Plus ripping off the outside plastic is a pain anyway, as it often comes off in several pieces.


I speak only for myself here, and I draw primarily upon my stupidly extensive experience with coffee creamers. I hate those peel-off aluminum tops. They are often far more difficult to remove than they should be, especially when they’ve been pressed on too tightly in the factory. On the other hand Coffee Mate introduced these plastic pull things that I like better; they come off easily and cleanly. But if the mold problem is solved, I have no problem with the existing seal, which parallels plenty of drinks I’ve seen, usually milk or shake products.


Yup, those metallic/plastic seals might be the worst option, they never come off correctly or easily; all while taunting you with those miniature tabs, as if they could actually be removed with those things.

Badly mspainted suggestion.


While I’m against those bottle opening seals, I’d be against cans too. I shake my 2.0 before opening, and if I take more than 5 minutes to consume, I put the cap back on and shake halfway through.


I’d buy the cans. You could get a precious $0.05 back per can! If you’re consuming 140 a month, that’s not bad actually.



I rarely buy milk with a 1-year shelf life. While I don’t think any of the 2.0 I’ve had yet had a mold problem I’m all for a better seal. I like the plastic pull things as well. Though whether or not it’s really needed is beyond my expertise.


We’re talking about different things. Those ones on creamers with the stupid tiny tabs are terrible. I was talking about the ones on Milk2Go bottles that come of quickly and easily every time without problems. They’re completely different, despite following from the same idea.

I object to cans because exposure to the cut edge of the can opening makes everything taste metallic. The plastic pull-tabs, however, I’d be okay with.