Soylent 2.0 review

I received my shipment on Thursday. Four boxes of 12.

I had my usual breakfast today, and decided to drink Soylent as my second breakfast (yes, I count meals like hobbits do.) Feeling the need to uphold the pioneer spirit, I drink this one chilled, but otherwise unaltered. It was pretty disgusting. After the first sip, I had to break out an emergency banana to try to blunt the flavor of the drink. I ran out of banana long before I ran out of Soylent.

I’ve definitely never been a fan of cereal, so the taste of oatmeal dissolved water was very unappealing to me. As I said, I tried to sip, but I ended up having to chug the bottle to finish. That’s when the nasty sucralose aftertaste hit. I had hoped from other reviews that ppm here might be low enough to be undetectable, but it was definitely present.

At this point, having been assaulted by two tastes that I am not particularly fond of, I resigned myself to feeling full for a while. But then, about 15 minutes later, the gluten allergy reaction hit. It was reasonably mild, as these things go; but my nose still rapidly got stuffed up and dry from mucus production, and I got the familiar itching sensation on the skin of my throat that signals my asthma reaction. Not having my inhaler, I started drinking water. Lots of water. 32 ounces in the space of about 30 minutes. And Ricola cough drops. Four of them. Eventually, the reaction passed.

But wait, I may have mentioned feeling full earlier. That particular bit didn’t last long. I had to buckle and eat my lunch of 5 sticks of beef jerky and 2 servings of raw veggies a full 45 minutes before the usual time, because I was just plain hungry. Thankfully, after that, I didn’t feel the need for any food until after 4pm, when instead of another bottle of Soylent, I consumed a Quest Natural protein bar.

When I got home at 6pm, I thought I would see if flavoring could make any difference. I poured a bottle of Soylent into the blender and added 10 grams of nice rich chocolate Arbonne protein, as well as 2tsp of chocolate Shakeology that I keep for emergencies. I also added about 1 tsp of raw honey. I put in 3 ice cubes and bended it. All that chocolate didn’t change the color much, and sadly, it wasn’t really enough to give the drink a chocolate flavor. What it did do, mostly, was drown out the “cereal milk” and sucralose tastes and make the drink truly bland. It was a weird taste, not quite chocolate, and not quite Soylent. Thankfully, the probiotics and enzymes present in the honey and Shakeology were still enough to negate most of the gluten reaction.

Not pleasant. Tomorrow I will try it with more chocolate.


Tried Soylent again today. I’m pleased to know that the taste can be greatly improved with a dash of turmeric and another of Chinese five spice, on top of the raw honey, 10 grams of chocolate protein, and 10 of chocolate Shakeology from Friday. Strangely, the five spice is more noticeable than the chocolate. If I can make one recommendation to the @Soylent crew, and @rob, it is to put a bit of five spice in each bottle to improve the flavor. It ups the grade to “not bad”.

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Do you have a gluten allergy? I thought the soylent FAQ says it is not gluten free.

Looks that way. Guess Soylent isn’t for me at this point :frowning: