"Soylent 2.0 Shipments Were Delayed Due to Mold"

From Motherboard: “Soylent 2.0 Shipments Were Delayed Due to Mold

If you read the article, it appears a disgruntled person contacted them and they made an article out of it.

In my opinion, Soylent has acted swiftly and transparently in this matter. That is the likely opinion of the majority Soylent users and supporters, but that doesn’t get clicks on your article, I suppose.


Another short one, from The Register:


Edit: Here is another one:

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According to the Soylent blog and the email that was sent out, the mold was caused by Soylent splashing on the outside of bottles. The Motherboard article asks the question: if that’s the cause of the mold, why is there mold on the inside of the bottles? I too would like to understand why there is mold on the inside of the bottles, maybe the answer is simple. Can mold growing on the exterior of the bottle grow through the closed lid?


Since the soylent got on the threads, the bottles weren’t getting sealed properly (I think)


What are threads? This is what the blog says:


The threads are the spirals that let the cap screw on to the bottle. in other words, soylent was getting in between the bottle and the cap. I’ve included a picture of “threads” to make it more clear.

When soylent got between the threads, the bottles weren’t sealing properly.


Aha! That makes sense. Thank you.

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It could be that the solyent splashed on the threads before the lids were twisted on. Then the mold would grow in the threads. As the lid is removed by the user, the mold gets pushed into the inside of the bottle opening.

That’s exactly what is happening. The bottle gets filled, contents splash on threads, then cap gets screwed on. At that point the mold just grows up the threads and into the bottle’s contents.

The mold grows up the threads and into the Soylent long before the buyer even touches the bottle. The contamination doesn’t occur upon opening of the bottle.


I appreciate the company’s actions in this matter. They disclosed the issue quickly and then promptly followed up explaining the issue and resolution. Soylent has come a long way since the Kickstarter. Great job guys! :slight_smile:


What’s the ETA?
If they can’t ship in 24 hours like it says on the website, they should change the website.
And then change again whenever this changes.

Our conservative estimate for shipping commencement is Thursday, October 8, 2015.

It is the top post on their blog, but I agree that they should be a little more proactive in updating their forms when issues like this arise. Purchase notification form emails still say that shipping is expected within 48 hours as well (as of 6 days ago when I ordered my first 2.0).


While I was having problems getting into this site I checked reddit. I discovered that some people there are still in a tizzy about this issue. I thought that this was already a done deal and not an issue at all, but it looks like some people are expecting it not to be completely solved until December. I just ordered a bunch of 2.0 myself, which will presumably be shipped before December, but I’m not that worried about it personally. I seem to be lucky and never get anything defective from RL, and if I did, I know I would quickly get a replacement.


See the blog post on it, UPDATE #3. http://blog.soylent.com/

“A new lot of Soylent 2.0 will be manufactured in December, and to this end, the following optimizations and checks will be implemented to ensure that this manufacturing issue never again disrupts your Soylent experience:”

That’s what people are talking about. The potentially moldy Soylent 2.0 is still being shipped (probably too expensive to throw away) so if someone wanted to wait for the probable fixes they would wait until the December batch starts to ship (which probably depends upon when they run out of the existing stock.)

You’re right though, if you were unlucky enough to get some defective Soylent it’d be replaced. So it may not be such a big deal, just something to be aware of.


Thanks. I don’t tend to check the blog for information, as most days there isn’t any, and other days there is just as likely to be a history of milk as anything currently relevant.