Soylent 2.0 Shipping dimensons


I am thinking of bringing some Soylent 2.0 into Australia via a mail forwarder. I was wondering if any of you fine chaps could give me an idea of both the weight and size I might expect in purchasing 144 bottles.


Excellent question — we have some reports from people who have received it, but we’re kind of still waiting on official confirmation from @Conor.


Exact dimensions: 10.8x7.8x7.5


Thanks @Conor. Could I just clarify:

  • Is that inches?
  • Is that for a box of 12 bottles?
  • How much does this box weigh?


I ordered 24 bottles to a mail forwarder, and here are the dimensions and weight they gave me:
26.55 lbs (12.04 kg)
17"×13"×11" (41×31×27 cm)

(i’m guessing the dimensions are larger than what @Conor quoted, because he was quoting a single box of 12 bottles, and my package has 2 boxes plus some wasted space)


In that case, it’s odd that at least one of your dimensions isn’t twice @Conor’s (or more).

Did your mail forwarder re-pack the contents of the boxes shipped from Soylent?


if you chop my package in 2 along the 17" dimension, you’ll get 13"x11"x8.5", which should fit the dimensions that @conor quoted.


Aha, yes gotcha. Maths!