Soylent 2.0 Shipping from Bloomington, CA delayed?

I had placed two orders for Soylent 2.0 that were both delayed by the “mold growth root cause analysis”. This past Thursday (Oct 8, 2015), I received “Soylent shipping notification” emails for both orders. One order shipped from Lancaster, PA and has already arrived. The other order is shipping from Bloomington, CA and has not arrived. The fedex tracking page states: “Shipping label has been created. The status will be updated when shipment begins to travel”. However, no progress has been made on shipping this order. As best I can tell, FedEx has not actually received the package to ship from Rosa Labs.

This leads me to question if orders are actually shipping (vs only mailing labels being created) from the Bloomington, CA facility. Did anyone receive Soylent 2.0 shipped from Bloomington, CA on or after Oct 8, 2015?

Having a similar issue. The shipping label was created Oct. 8th, says estimated delivery is tomorrow. No progress on FedEx tracker since the label creation. Oh, and my is being shipped from Lancaster, PA (to Atlanta), so I don’t think it has anything to do with the Bloomington facility specifically

Orders are shipping. If you feel there is a problem with your shipment send an email to customer support:

Thanks @Conor. I sent an email.

Every single order that has been shipped to me for the last 6 months or so has had the following pattern:

The money is taken around Wednesday at midnight. On Friday evening I get a message saying that it shipped, with a tracking number appearing later. It doesn’t actually start shipping according to FedEx until Monday or Tuesday. Since I am quite close to the Bloomington facility, I get it the day that it actually starts moving.


My 2.0 last time stayed at label created till it showed up at my post office, it was shipped by crappy usps for some reason tho, this months 2.0 was shipped by usps also so im not expecting fast shipment yet again

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I’m having the exact same issue here. My label was received by FedEx Oct. 6th, and is still on that step today. Very irritating, especially given that I originally placed my order September 24th.

I placed my order on Spet 23rd so I share your frustration. Thankfully mine is moving now according to FedEx. Maybe yours will move soon too…

I got two shipping notifications (within 24hrs)… One for my original sub on the 7th and one for my delayed 2nd sub which should have gone on Sept 23rd. One arrived from Bloomington this morning. The other still just shows “label created”… Not sure which is which but I think the one that actually shipped is the original sub which hit Oct 7 (and Sept 7)…

The Sept 23 2nd sub was all messed up due to the “fulfillment delay” which hit around the same time. My acct shows it shipped Sept 23rd, but no shipping email. I complained to info@ and they did generate a label (shows on my acct as a 3rd shipment)… But 6 days in and it’s just a label. I just sent them another note… As I did get product this morning I’m not too stressed… Just want to make sure I eventually get something for the $58 I paid Sept 23.

edit: ok, looks like 2nd sub is in motion now on day 7… I’ll have a good stockpile shortly as I still have a 28day 1.5 sub which is scheduled to hit in the next day or two…

I got my two orders of 2.0 today, which was right on schedule after allowing for the delay period. The money was accepted on Wednesday, delivery on Tuesday.