Soylent 2.0 shipping in Canada is too flippin' hard right now, and here's exactly how Rosa Labs can solve that [SOLVED]

UPDATE: Thank you, Rosa Labs, for your quick response to this problem! For perusers of this topic, the information below is no longer up-to-date.

Soylent 2.0 has given me one of the best first impressions of any product — food, electronics, appliances, furniture, clothes, tools, toys, anything — I have tried in my life. I had a wonderful 5-day trial run with it, and I am super eager to start drinking ~144 bottles a month. But I can’t get the flippin’ stuff to my flippin’ apartment! From the sounds of it, other Canadians are having the same frustration.

It would take a lot to ruin the user experience of a product as amazing as Soylent 2.0, but making it stressful and a headache to actually get the product is one of the ways you could do that. I had a brief psychotic break when Purolator told me they were shipping my 144-bottle order of Soylent back to the sender. As long as I can get a refund for my hundreds of dollars it’s fine, it’s just the experience of dealing with Purolator’s disorganized, confusing, unreliable customer service that made me want to scream and pull my hair out. Yes, I know, if that’s the worst problem I have then my life is awesome and I should stop complaining.

The depot in Montreal where Purolator wants me to go to pick up my Soylent 2.0 is way out in the middle of nowhere, [I]further away than the airport[/I], a 1-hour round trip by car or a 2-hour round trip by public transit. Lord have mercy. I could travel to another city in the time it would take me to pick up my Soylent.

I tried to have Purolator just leave the box at the door, but they said:

Rosa Labs could make all these shipping hassles go away by, first and foremost, getting their Canadian distribution partner, Ingram Micro, to waive the signature requirement for Soylent 2.0 shipments. This would allow the shipping company to leave the package at the door — causing people across the nation to dance in the streets, and inspiring grateful British Columbians to donate some of their ample rain to California’s parched soil.

If Rosa Labs really wanted to go above and beyond, they could switch away from Purolator to exclusively Canada Post, or let customers make the choice. Canada Post is a superior company in every way. Canada Post is to Purolator as Google is to Yahoo. Canada Post has vastly more locations to pick up packages (practically every other drug store has a Canada Post office), a lot closer to wherever you happen to be, open later, and often all weekend. Canada Post also holds packages more than twice as long as Purolator: 15 calendar days vs. 5 business days. (That’s three times as long if you’re unlucky and your shipment arrives on a Monday!)

If Canada Post were delivering my Soylent 2.0, and they didn’t require a signature, I would have no problems, and I would be utterly happy. I might even send Rosa Labs flowers.





False! It’s exactly that “eh, good-enough” attitude that’s led to Canada being merely the baseball cap on America’s head. Demand better!


For the record my last shipment of Soylent 2.0 was delivered by Canada Post and they did not require my signature. (I’m in Toronto).

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Oh how I envy you :cry:

I’m in BC and it’s coming via Canada Post (going by tracking) - should be here Monday or Tuesday.

Although, honestly, I’d rather be able to grab this stuff at the grocery store as I need it, ultimately. This is just a trial for me, and I’ll be going back to powdered after this batch is gone. Too expensive for me.

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I’m in AB, and it’s coming via Canada Post, which is a pain for me.

Personally, I’d vastly prefer Purolator over Canada Post, as they’d actually deliver it to my house here.

Completely agreed! I ended up making the 1h30 (and that’s after calling Purolator to have them transferred to a more convenient depot; the one they expected me to go to is even further away) round-trip by foot for my 24 bottles, but I canceled my subscription and won’t be ordering anymore until I’m assured this is fixed.

I don’t have much hope as Soylent customer service handwaved the issue away by saying they have no control over shipping and that was that, all the while Purolator wouldn’t budge because the restriction is supposedly on the sender’s side.

Purolator is absolutely horrendous. Terrible logistics, even worse customer service.

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There will never be a one size fits all delivery solution. For example, in my case the best option would be DHL. They actually deliver here. Purolator and CP don’t. CP has a reasonably close outlet for my pickups, Purolator is a ways away.

Multiple shipping options would do the trick. :sun_with_face:


See, because I’m in the UK, I currently have to use a re-shipper, so I get to choose who delivers to my door (or, hopefully, a nearby newsagent that does UPS pick-ups).

Of course, if I was ordering 2.0, I’d likely be paying huge amounts to ship all that water across… more water (i.e. the Atlantic Ocean).


One of these days they will be shipping to the UK directly…

(Hopefully sooner rather than later…)

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I’m worried France will get it first. If they do, I’m going to go mental.

I mean, we’re England. Bland, functional food is kind of our thing.


I think you’re confusing rain with fire. Haven’t seen decent rain over here all year. Have had plenty of fire to share, though.

I really think that RL should offer multiple options for customers to choose from, rather than choosing for us. I have been quite happy with CP delivering my Soylent, but there does seem to be a lot of complaints about RL’s chosen couriers. Why not let people indicate who their optimal courier is? Maybe more expensive couriers could even be offered for a small fee, for those who are not well serviced by either CP or Purolator.

Canada Post owns Purolator. I think it’s some kind of conspiracy; they make this other courier really crappy to improve their own image in comparison.


haha I meant to reply to that bit earlier - we were parched in my area, too (I’m in BC). I was evacuated because of a forest fire this summer. It was a close call and I got lucky. I know how those Californians must feel down there.

PS: The very first thing I packed for evac was a cooler full of beer. :beer:

A small update on this topic: to Purolator’s credit, they did move my shipment to a vastly more convenient location. I was able to pick up my shipment thanks to the help of Uber. Full details <a href=>here.



I recommend checking out this service that Canada Post offers to have your packages delivered to one of their post offices instead of your home:

Unfortunately FlexDelivery only works if Canada Post is delivering the package in the first place.

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I did not know that. That sucks. Seems like a very big unwritten catch that makes that service pretty useless. Bummer.

Just got a shipping notification email:

Thank you so much to the Soylent operations team! God bless America!

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Did they do something specific for you or did they fix the issue by ditching Purolator altogether? I’d love to be able to resubscribe to 2.0 if they really are shipping via Canada Post now.