Soylent 2.0 Shipping to Canada?

I sent this to but I figured I’d also post it here.

I see that Soylent 2.0 has started shipping for people yesterday and I have yet to receive my confirmation of shipping.

Is Soylent 2.0 Shipping to Canada?

I thnk we are supposed to assume it does.

This reviewer that @mellored linked to in a different thread is from a Canadian who has his 2.0 already, so I think we can safely say they are shipping to Canada. Hopefully you get your shipping info soon.


Me neither. Canadian, pre-ordered when first offered. Kinda wondering about this…

Yes, I received mine already.

I just got my confirmation of shipment yesterday and my package arrive today! Excited to try it tonight!


Be sure to give us a report on how you like it.

I live in Montreal. I just got my 2.0.

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Et le but!

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I live in Toronto and the shipment came to my door yesterday. I wasn’t home so I got the notice.

1.5 powder used to ship via purolator, but this time it was shipped via Canada Post. This means, the parcel was left at a nearby post office in a Shoppers Drug Mart.

Still nothing.

If you are having any problems PM me and I will assist you. I want you to get your 2.0!


I ordered my 2.0 2 days after the shipping started. And I received mine today. Ottawa.