Soylent 2.0 Site

What in the hell is this?

(Joke? Spoiler release? Copycat? Something else?)

Edit: It is now set to password protected. It had content visible before. For the curious, you can go to the Wayback machine cache of the page from before it was password protected.


“12 400 kcal ready to drink meals of the latest Soylent.”

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A quick Google search shows that Matt Cauble is indeed the COO of Soylent (apparently this is his Squarespace), so maybe they are designing a new site and didn’t know it was set to public view?

Ready-made Soylent. Sounds like a concept that he may be showing the others :stuck_out_tongue: and not intended for us to see.
It is not a bad idea for stores per say and for on the go… but the product would have to be very different from the current product because of shelf life after mixing… This concept would be much better as a “just add water” option.

@MattCauble :smiley: perhaps a comment from you about it?


That’s my guess. They might just be testing a new front end.

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shelf life is horrible after mixing, not even a day if not refrigerated, something like that pictured with a set amount of powder and just add water is a great concept, that container, a scoop for the current 500 cal meals would work great, i dont see them shipping those containers as a throw away per use tho, maybe something to go along with the takeya pitcher

It says 12 “ready to drink” meals of 400 calories each though. Which makes me think no mixing of powder.

However, like others said, it is probably just a concept right now. We probably aren’t supposed to see it.

(I’ll probably get in trouble for linking to it, but that’s nothing new.)


so 4 meals to equal a day, $10 a day is a decent price, and cutting down to 1600 would be great for people wanting to use soylent for weight loss

I wonder if they have made significant progress on improving the shelf life. I know the new sugar (trehalose) added acts as a preservative, and seeing as it actually has a pretty high GI, among other drawbacks, they may have added it specifically for it’s properties as a preservative.

The way I could see this working is depositing powder in the bottom and allowing the consumer to use a “fill to here” line (similar to those ramen noodle cups). Shake, drink.

I’d actually be really into that, as long as they kept with a low footprint on packaging.

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If the inside is sterile/airtight, then mixing shouldn’t be a problem. Or maybe something like those glow-sticks that you shake to start lighting (opening the cap deposits the powder into the bottle)?

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Hm, when you click buy it doesn’t do anything

we’re going to need a man on the inside that can leak us all the juicy deets. Soylent only has 20 full time employees, so this won’t be easy.

Any volunteers?


You are joking, right?

Lets not put pressure regarding pricing, sustainability, greenery etc etc. They are only now learning to walk, dont ask them to run yet. First let them figure out the nutrition part right. When they nail it down, then they can easily work towards all of those.

Even now i would bet soylent overall is more sustainable than almost all ready made/fast food out there.

There is a new Mission Impossible movie coming out this summer. Maybe we can get some ideas.


Mission Impowderble: The Reckoning


Nonononono - The Revengening.


This is a few years old but still holds up:

not only are companies being implicated left and right for outright lying about green products, there’s been scrutiny for a while around whether green products like biodegradables actually work.

I know a lot of people don’t like to settle for good enough but soylent clearly beats packaging for almost any other food stuff. they shouldn’t be faulted for using plastic bottles for a while. maybe a chemist will be one of their customers, and his new-found productivity leads him to invent a new safe plastic…


Now the site is set to password protected. They must have caught on.