Soylent 2.0 subscription quantity

I noticed that you guys don’t offer a subscription quantity, for 2.0, that would allow someone a Soylent diet for a full 31 days. The most the largest sub would get you to is about 29 days. Do you plan to add like maybe one larger option at 155 bottles so someone interested in a complete Soylent diet could have meals for a full month? I’d like the extra convenience of 2.0.

Would the best way to set up my subscription for this be to queue up enough for 2 weeks and just hit “Need more now” when it’s like 3-4 days out? It’d be nice to use less packaging but that seems like an OK option if it’s doable.

EDIT: Thanks for the replies. It looks like setting it up for 2 weeks at a time is doable, so I’m just going to go with that and take the extra packaging hit.

You could potentially add another 12 bottle subscription to a 144 bottle subscription. I don’t believe there is a limit to how many subscriptions you can have running at once.

Or, you could have smaller orders delivered every 2 weeks… (or every week…) You can set up the delivery/reorder date in your account so that, for example, you reordered on the 1st and 15th of every month.


I regularly order a bit more than I need, and then periodically I skip a month. With the extra money from skipping last month, I bought a new phone.

Uh, this is “woman logic” that my wife frequently tries to pull on me. You don’t have extra money from last month, you have spent that money already when you were ordering more than you needed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Uh, that is “asshole logic”, no offense. I’m not claiming I am saving money. I’m not making a logical or illogical argument, just a practical arrangement that works.

My wife does use that term with me sometimes so probably accurate. :wink:


It ships every 4 weeks, and they sell enough to last 28 days, which is 4 weeks.

I have a about 1 1/2 months extra on hand for this reason, as well as keeping it as earthquake/emergency food I rotate out when a new shipment arrives because I live on the Ring Of Fire. When my emergency stash begins to deplete from consuming more then will ship in a month I will just do a “need more now” to replenish it. This way I should never run out.

By the sounds of it some of you guys are on your last bottle/bag when your next shipment arrives which makes zero sense to me.

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Sorry that doesn’t meet with your approval. I have only so much storage space.

Talking about storage space, my food supply is under my desk. :slightly_smiling:

Literally, I have 3 weeks of 1.5 and 1+ weeks of 2.0 under my desk and another 2 weeks of 2.0 on the way.

Are you a dealer?  

Nope. This, as I told the nice policeman, is for personal use only. :slightly_smiling: