Soylent 2.0 taste and thoughts

hey all, I am trying out the soylent original 2.0 and just wanted to put down some of my thoughts VS the 1.0 powder formula. I originally used the 1.0 powder but lost interest in it as I could never get into the flavor and found it to be a bit of a pain to mix up a whole supply. So I was really interested when I saw the 2.0 bottles and to learn you don’t need the bottles of oil anymore.

Flavor: I love the original flavor now. It tastes like oatmeal to me, it’s got kind of a bready sourdough yeasty thing going on that I find very satisfying. it also takes to being flavored really well.

Feeling: I notice that it makes me not hungry very fast. not sure how it does this but I feel not hungry way faster than I did with the 1.0 formula.

packaging: I liked the bottles a lot. not sure if a powder would be as good as I am sure you would have to mix and then let it sit for a couple of hours like the old formula. I didn’t really like that part.

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Powder is a little more work, but there is no longer oil packs for the powder. I usually mix one serving at a time and drink right away. If you are willing to try the 2.0 after such a long hiatus maybe don’t dismiss the powder so quickly. I enjoy the powder because it gives me flexibility, if I want 100-200-300 calories, I know how much powder I need whereas the bottles are cookie cutter 400 calories. I do like the bottles convenience and the taste is amazing…I too sense oatmeal when I drink 2.0, but I still prefer powder. It may or may not be for you but I wouldn’t discount it based on 1.0 experience, powder has come a long way.

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oh yeah I am absolutely not discounting the 1.8 powder. seemed to me that the 2.0 bottles was an easy way to try the latest out. I think down the line especially as I use more and more I will switch to the powder because it will just be easier to store than to have bottles everywhere.

Yes, that’s what I hate about milk or beer, too. They are better cool, so you have to leave them in the fridge for a few hours. What a hassle!

I think 1.8 is somewhat easier to stir than earlier versions, which is nice. I am drinking a cup of the powdered version now. It’s good.

But I am probably going to switch to plain 2.0 for a few months soon. I can’t afford as much 2.0 per month as 1.8, so I won’t be 100%.