Soylent 2.0 | The drink of the gods

Just wanted to say I have about 2 months of Powder 1.5 left and I took the risk and ordered Soylent 2.0.


No more getting powder on my clothes, no more “Hi Future Food Guy” from random people in the office kitchen, no more chewing Soylent clumps when I don’t mix well enough.

I have to say if you are on the edge on ordering 2.0, just do it! It is simply amazing in every way ( Except Cost ) but hopefully it will get a bit cheaper. Until then it is definitely the best Soylent that there has every been.


There will be some disagree-ers on here for this because some like like 1.5 better. But I’m on your team. 2.0 has been very good for me.

You bet everything on a single roll of the dice.

And you won.

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I like it! I am always mixing the wrong amount, and most of the time I take two sips and don’t drink any more and wonder why I am so hungry. This gives me a pre-measured amount, and I drink the whole bottle!!