Soylent 2.0: Use Less. Do More

Shipping price for 2.0 is obviously higher, since you’re paying to ship liquid with it. A twelve pack might mean that typical users might consume twelve a week, in which case the monthly charge would be only $120, assuming that there would be few 100% users.

The above numbers and reasoning are just guesses, of course.

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Is 2.0 geared towards 100% Soylent users in mind?

So just to be clear. Once the liquid goes live in October, will the powdered version still be available or is this going to be the only product offered?

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My guess would be no…
The fact that 2.0 subscriptions are offered in a much wider variety of quantities (vs 7/14/28) and the smaller serving size lead me to think this is more a mass market 25%-75% product. The hardcore folks will probably continue with the slightly cheaper, slightly more hassle powdered form.

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The Ars Technica site is quoted as saying

Ready-to-drink food substitute ships in October, won’t replace powder form.

If you are a current subscriber, you are grandfathered in at your current price point.


I suspect if we change or suspend our subscription for whatever reason from here on out we will lose that grandfathered status?

I’ll find out in a few days. I’ve always canceled my subscription rather than pausing it because it was easier for me.

If you are paused you are fine.

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I suggest emailing customer service (, maybe they can help you out since you are a long time customer.


Perhaps gives us a little insight into the direction of the Beta program over the next 2 months…


Please don’t switch the protein source for the powder to Soy protein. :’( I recently deduced I have a soy protein sensitivity and having replaced soy protein isolate with whey protein isolate and pea protein I finally feel the energy advantages of Soylent.


you can still get 1.5, they are manufacturing both versions for the forseeable future

I’m worried about the next version of the powder stuff.


Will there be a range of flavors for the premixed? Customer control of flavor is something being sacrificed in 2.0, but that was a always a distinctive feature of Soylent. I will stick with the powdered version myself. This launch means that we will soon see Soylent on supermarket shelves next to Ensure and Slimfast et. al. That will be convenient. Hopefully 3.0 will also come out soon–a bar form that can be used for backpacking.

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As rob said in his AMA, flavors are on our minds. No timeline though.

  1. Will the plastic used in the bottles be safe? (BPA free, etc.)
  2. Are you guys concerned about the environmental impact of introducing so many plastic containers?

Is the increased protein in 2.0 an indicator of an increase coming in 1.6?

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Only a ‘solid’ version can do that in my opinion.

I second this idea. Soylent 2.0 is a really ridiculous name, the versioning should come solely from formula changes in my opinion. Call it “Soylent GO” or “ReadySoylent” or something like that, and if the formula is different (as seems to be the case) then it should have it’s own version sequence. This is just going to obfuscate things in the long run.

Theoretical Timeline: (1.9 just came out).
Person A (powder user): "I’m on Soylent 1.9"
Person B (ready-made user): Really, the powder is lagging that far behind? I’ve been on 2.1 for a year now.