Soylent 2.0: Use Less. Do More

Chipotles is a good example. 3 tacos with protein, pico, and lettuce is under 500 calories and it fills me up quite a bit.

Your views are well known to almost everyone here due to your constant talking about the same thing. We get it. Can you please refrain from derailing this thread further? If you would like to talk about price, there are a ton of threads to do that in already.


Sure, any price will get complaints, but it’s not a matter of complaints or no complaints. It’s a matter of how many complaints. Sales are also looking at the past, not necessarily looking into the future. Market research would be better. Also, doubling sales has a lot of variables because that depends on where the sales started, what the possible production levels are at, etc. Judging by the queue time, however, the wait has gone from about 6 months to less than a week. Some of that is expanded production, but there really doesn’t seem to even be a wait anymore, which is what you wouldn’t expect from a company way behind due to all of these sales. First time orders sometimes wait a bit, but remember that those people also need to get the pitcher and it could very well be the pitcher causing the delay. Either way, I don’t get why people were defending the price to me and now they are suddenly upset about a price raise when Rosa Labs threw in an extra service of mixing it for you.

Given the price hike introduced by Soylent 2.0 the discussion is relevant to this thread. If you don’t want to read it don’t. Otherwise, can you please refrain from derailing this thread further?


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I thought it was a good commercial. It was at least as effective as most of the commercials I see on television.


What people defend or don’t defend in a forum has exactly no effect on the price of a product.

What people buy and don’t buy does. If the price of Soylent does not provide you with sufficient value for its price relative to your alternatives, then don’t buy it. It’s as simple as that.


Is it the same people in both cases?


Those three tacos with Chipotle’s cheapest option will cost you $6.80, vs. $2.50 for 500 calories of Soylent 1.5.

And the tacos are probably nowhere near nutritionally complete, and are most likely way too high in sodium and fat.

Care to try again?


What’s wrong with farmed algae?

  1. I was asked what healthy fast food restaurants even exist.

  2. I’m not sure why you are talking about Soylent 1.5.

@malachi I’ll just say that forums do matter. First, forums have an impact on what is bought and isn’t bought. Second, you are assuming that Rosa Labs knows how much in sales is not being bought because of the price, but that’s actually very hard to determine, and it’s not something current sales tells you by itself. Market research can help, but that’s very expensive and is still far from perfect. I guarantee you that if the forums were loaded with complaints about price something would be done about it.

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The claim I was questioning was:

Oh and it was Soylent 2.0. So it’s $2.42 for 400 calories, which is still cheaper than Chipotle.

Even in answering my question “to the letter” you failed because Chipotle isn’t actually that healthy. It’s only healthy in comparison to other fast food, and I’m not even really sure about that.

Chipotle is not healthy, it’s not cheaper. Your claim that you can eat healthy fast food cheaper than Soylent is blatantly false.


I’m noting down that guarantee. I’ll want a refund if it doesn’t come through.


I insist on free-range algae.


Lots of flags for this thread. We would appreciate it if everyone would stop the back and forth and personal references. We really dont want to have to close another thread.



As mentioned elsewhere, if someone is trolling, please do not respond to him. Our continued engagement is just encouraging his behavior.

This is honestly the first I’ve heard of NAFLD, but the Wikipedia article you link says it may be caused by an excess of fructose or fructose from sucrose (as in soft drinks); it doesn’t say anything about dietary fat causing or aggravating NAFLD. Perhaps we should start a dedicated thread about it? I only found one other post mentioning it, and only in passing.

Perhaps I’m biased because I’ve enjoyed Soylent for so long, but this is one of the few commercials I can appreciate from an artistic perspective. It’s clever, superbly shot, and even the music is good.


The wikipedia article i posted was to show that 30% americnas have nafld. Not to show it is the cause. I already implied it doesnt cause it.

What is this about, who am i engaging with?

This i dont disagree. But i have been thinking of posting about this in the soylent beta thread as it will be even more specific for that thread.

I think it would be kind of interesting to see a major thread about a just-introduced product closed at this stage.

Maybe there is a better way to handle disruptive individuals.


I second this.

20 characters.

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I know that we have been asked not to make personal comments, but I gotta say: Tark, I don’t think of you as disruptive. Usually.


I don’t know if this has been asked and answered yet (don’t have time to read all the posts). Any idea if the 2.0 bottles are recyclable or compostable?