Soylent 2.0 vs 1.5 flavoring paradox

Funny thing about flavoring 2.0: this version really doesn’t need any flavoring, unlike 1.5, but it takes a variety of flavorings much better than 1.5 did.

With 1.5, I had good results with a handful of flavorings, mostly in the banana-peanut butter-cinnamon range, but other flavorings I thought would work well were total duds. The most surprising was greek yogurt, which I love on its own and seems like it would be a good addition to Soylent, but when I tried blending a bit of vanilla or banana cream Oikos into my 1.5 it proved disgusting. I can’t quite explain what the problem was; the resulting taste and texture were just . . . gross. I saw someone suggest in a flavoring thread that acidic or sour flavors just don’t play well with Soylent so perhaps that was the problem. That might also explain why a sour-savory blend I tried using mainly lime juice turned out so poorly, though there were other issues there is well.

Other ingredients I thought would work well, like vanilla extract, simply took way too much of the ingredient in order for any flavor to penetrate through the Soylent – plus, without sweetener to go with it, vanilla Soylent is still pretty meh.

These issues seem greatly reduced with 2.0. I’ve tried blending in greek yogurt and a citric-tasting fiber supplement and the resulting flavor and texture with both are just fine, albeit not my favorite. Whatever nasty factor was created when these ingredients combined with 1.5 is not present. It also seems that a smaller amount of vanilla extract is needed to add noticeable flavor to 2.0, and the slightly sweeter flavor of 2.0 is a better match for the vanilla. Not sure how savory flavorings would do in 2.0 – might turn out as bad or worse than 1.5 because of 2.0’s sweetness – but I might never bother trying because . . .

Soylent 2.0 really just doesn’t need flavoring, for my palate. I found 1.5 neutral-to-slightly-unpleasant in terms of both taste and mouthfeel, so I really needed to flavor it in order to get down multiple glasses per day. Soylent 2.0 has a neutral-to-slightly-pleasant taste and a delightful, creamy mouthfeel, and I can easily drink it straight several times per day without having to force myself. So now there’s Soylent that’s very amenable to various different flavors I had wanted to try, but I have no particular need to do that anymore.

I might still mix some flavorings into my 2.0 now and again to mix things up. For the most part, though, I think I’m going to save myself the extra calories or blender-fussing* and just drink it plain.

  • I will say that, as compared to 1.5, it seems a bit tougher to blend some powdered flavorings into 2.0. I could blend banana Nesquik into 1.5 with a spoon, but with 2.0 it’s tough to get it dissolved without the blender.

I bought myself some Madagascar bourbon vanilla extract (apparently it’s delicious), and am looking forward to adding it to a bottle of Soylent 2.0 – but I’m wondering how much! Perhaps you can enlighten me? :smile:

Because of the milky taste/texture of 2.0 I thought chocolate syrup might work well. It did not.

FWIW I’m fine with the taste of 2.0 and 1.5 without additional flavorings. Sometimes after several straight meals of 1.5 in a row, I do get a little tired of the taste… at that point I might crave a 2.0 meal. It’s nice having both at hand if just for the change of taste.


When I really get started with 2.0, once the 1.5 is gone, I’ll have to figure out how best to flavor it. I’m the opposite of OP: I can happily drink 1.5 plain (unlike 1.4), but my first try of 2.0 was mildly unpleasant. I added a drop of orange oil and it was less unpleasant (not great), but so far I’ve just had the one bottle, and there’s a month left of 1.5 in the tansu.

The Soylent flavouring paradox: Soylent flavours everything that doesn’t flavour itself. What flavours Soylent?

Yea, the 1.5 taste can get pretty boring if you’ve tasted nothing other than it for the entire day.

My current plan for the remaining S 1.5 bags I have:

If I’m not doing a 100% Soylent 2.0 day, I’ll be doing 1200 calories S 1.5, and 800 calories S 2.0

I found about 1/4 tsp of regular vanilla extract per bottle of 2.0 adds a nice hint of flavor for my tastes. YMMV.