Soylent 2.0 vs 1. + exercise and soylent

I’ve had 1.2, 1.3 and now 2.0. Without a doubt 2.0 is so much easier to consume however, even though it does satisfy my hunger, I feel that it is so thin in comparison to 1. that there isn’t enough nutrient intake. Maybe it’s all in my head which I hope is the case, but I can’t be too sure.

January 1st I went on a strict water and 1.3 soylent diet for a full month and let me tell you, it wasn’t easy. I lost roughly 15 lbs in 30 days, but basically have put it back on. I haven’t been eating healthy as I should be after the month unfortunately, but I do what I can when I’m not feeling weak mentally. I’ve quit all drugs since Jan 1st as well. Nothing hard, just weed, alcohol and Vape. (Quit cigs the year prior).

I’ve also been on this pull up routine that I started. On day 1 I did one pull up, day 2, two pull ups 3… etc. I’m currently going on day 110. (No not in one shot, I’d be a monster lol, it’s broken into sets, currently 6 sets of 18 and a couple 19). My arms have grown tremendously.

Now I’m thinking about July 1st on starting a strict 2.0 soylent diet for the month AND continue to do my pull up routine. I found that during January I felt rather more tired than usual. Not sure if it was soylent or the withdrawals… maybe a little bit of both.

Sorry for the long post, but anyway. Any tips, info you could give, I’d appreciate it. Do NOT tell me to mix with this or that please because I go balls to the wall strict water and soylent and I’m nothing of a cook. Is 2.0 better than 1.? I know 2 cost more, but that I can handle. I’d rather pay more for taste and convenience.

It is.


Nutritionally there’s almost no difference now, 2.0 had a better protein amount and quality for physical activity but with 1.6 the powder caught up. If 2.0 is easier for you to drink then it’ll be better for complying with your diet.


If you are exercising heavily and feeling tired/weak, you way want to try adding some whey protein to your soylent. It’s extra calories but also very high-quality protein. 110 pullups is a lot to do each day, but probably not enough to call “heavy” exercise I think.

Also, have you considered branching out with your workout? Like adding planks, squats, and/or pushups? Getting to 110 pullups is a real accomplishment, if you apply the same effort to your other muscle groups you should be able to get in pretty good overall shape.


I didn’t say heavy did I? lol and yeah you’re right, I really should do other exercises but I’m trying to get to 365. At first I didn’t think I’d even make a 100, but now I want to keep going to 365, chances are I won’t make it, but I’m still going to pull till I mentally want to give up.

Thanks, I want to try to stay on a 2000 a day calorie diet with the option of maybe going for 200 depending how hungry I feel.

I disagree. I think 6 x 18 or 19 is pretty badass.


Yeah, doing 110 pullups is impressive, but that’s just one exercise. I think that to need extra protein, you would need to exercise more than just one part of your body. But what do I know? I could easily be wrong there.

Off topic but …

lol and yeah you’re right, I really should do other exercises but I’m trying to get to 365.

Man, make sure to workout your legs too


Sure, sure, one should also do leg work, etc., but pullups are one of the big four compound movements. It’s a multi-joint whole-upper-body exercise.

Pullups work the forearms, biceps, lats, mid and lower traps, the rhomboids, the pecs, teres muscles, even posterior deltoids and the long head of the triceps. That’s a lot of parts! (Things like erector spinae and obliques get some work, too, but that’s mostly just stabilization.)

I missed a few:



It could be because 2.0 uses soy and soy has been known to block your body from absorbing certain vitamins and minerals

I imagine the US government would mandate that products like Soy milk would have big warning labels on it if it thought the problems you read about were real.

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What might “could be because of… soy?” His tremendous growth in his arms? Or his ability to do six sets of 18 or more pullups?

Maybe I should start eating more soy… my three sets today were only six reps, six reps, four and a half reps. (I’m giving my self the extra half rep. I almost made five.)


It’s not so much the soy as the phytates the whole bean contains. Soylent uses soy protein isolate not whole soy. Admittedly it could still contain some phytates but unless you are malnourished phytates are more just something to be aware of and not really the boogeyman the Internet makes it out to be.


I’m with you on this point. I like the way 2.0 tastes much better than I could ever make the powder. I tried everything to make the powder ‘acceptable’ to my palette. Strangely though I feel like it used to be easier to keep up with eating Soylent everyday before 2.0.

I would make a pitcher, and make sure to drink it all within the day or at the very least have very little leftover for the next morning.

I suppose with 2.0, I got lazy and started slipping. Its almost as if the act of making Soylent was a reminder to eat it. Now I drink maybe 1 or 2 bottles a day and eat like crap. The worst part is, I just did the math using my credit card statements and I’m using more money now and when I was on a 80%ish Soylent powder diet.

I’m considering using both powder and bottles now. Bottles for the convenience, powder for the volume and to remind me to keep consuming Soylent.


What are the other 3?

Locness, I find it surprising you consume it easier in 1. Version. So many times I just said screw it and just ended up eating garbage throughout the day because I didn’t feel like making it and knew it wasn’t going to taste good either. Now when I wake up for work in the morning I have a growling in my stomach and even though I’m not craving the soylent it’s so easy to just grab from my fridge and walk to the lightrail. Once I’m drinking it. It’s easy to send it down.

Small update

So, I’ve been drinking strictly 2.0 except 1 meal on Saturday, I was at my friends house in Brooklyn and hiM and his wife ordered food from a place where you could make a custom salad. I just had lettuce, spinach, eggs, carrots, beets, olives and a few other things that were healthy. No dressing either. I’m on day 113 for pull ups (started back up July 1st) and I’ve lost 2 lbs since I weighed myself July 1st. The week I took off of pull ups messed my pull ups up a bit and I was doing sets of 15 again, but yesterday I had done 2 sets of 20 so I feel I’m getting back on my regiment.

The big four, to me: squat, deadlift, dip, chin.

A lot of people replace the dip with bench press, or prefer another variant.