Soylent 2.0: Watering/stinging in eyes?

I was one of the customers who discovered tiny mold specs on the neck of a few of my soylent 2.0 bottles, so small i thought they were dust. Coincidentally I’d received these shipments in early October, and for about the past month my eyes have been stinging and watering. Last time this happened was when I had some wet clothes that didn’t dry properly and the mold gave me the same allergy. That was about 5 years ago.

During this recent occurrence, my cleaning lady experienced the same after cleaning my room, however she had also opened up some boxes of soylent for me and placed the bottles throughout the fridge that week, and possibly that day.

so there could be something in my room, but if anyone else has noticed this, it could be the bottles themselves. Wondering if anyone has.

Soylent is not to be used as eye drops.


Now you tell me…

actually I believe a mechanism of transfer could be touching a bottle with mold spores and later touching the eyes.

My understanding was that the mold was under the seal, so unless your cleaning lady is opening your Soylent bottles and then rubbing her eyes it seems much more likely that there is mold in your room, especially with the incident five years ago.

If my eyes had been stinging and watering for an entire month I’d probably see a doctor and definitely try to figure out what’s causing it. Have you tried avoiding Soylent for a few days to see if it clears up? Or at least washing your hands with soap and hot water after opening a moldy bottle (which I’d do anyway, to be honest).

actually it was in the perforations of the seal as well, which led me to believe it could be outside the bottle. but the fact that no one else has noticed the same means it’s probably something else.