Soylent 99% from; Please Critique!


UPDATE: I’m still tweaking the recipe trying to fulfill each vitamin and mineral without doing what some other recipes i’ve seen do; hit 300, 400, 500% of any one vitamin or mineral. I’d love suggestions for ingredients, because i might have to abandon trying to buy it all from one place.

Vitacost soylent is the name of it. I customized it to me, low calorie based off of my height of 5’10" 215 lbs. using the USDA website. I would appreciate it the community would look it over see if i’m missing anything or have too much/little of an ingredient because i certainly could be.

This recipe could be entirely bought on if you went with waxy maize instead of the maltodextrin from, but i wanted to stay true to original Soylent, if at all possible.

  1. When I look at the recipe at it shows as only 86% (
  2. (@EricBardwin - this really is not personal, I’ve seen quite a few posters do this) - Why would anybody post a message about a new recipe, particularly when looking for feedback, and not provide a link to said recipe???
  3. Link to said recipe -


I think you have an issue with the oil. Four tablespoons of oil would be around 490 kilocalories.

It looks like you have the serving size as 296, but 15 mL seems more accurate.


@biab yeah my bad, i thought it was linked through that tool at the bottom but apparently it wasn’t. fixed it now though.

thanks @Eivnei i was struggling with the proper numbers on the oils because they don’t list all the nutrition info out. must be because it’s oil and they don’t figure people are ingesting oil for the vitamins and minerals? idk.


I’m guessing it says it’s only 86% complete because on a small number of the minerals I’m at 88%-98% only which, for me is close enough. is that how those percentages work? also it’s pretty low in fat. maybe i should eat bacon in the morning in addition to soylent to give me the proper amount of fat. bacon soylent.


i just tweaked the sunflower oil and it made a big difference, my calories are just under 2000 now and the fat is at 89%. that’s about perfect. thanks!


Potassium is very low - potassium gluconate would be a good addition.


it is. the website for that powder (i snagged it from BriBy’s Bulletproof recipe) says one scoop of that stuff per day is all that’s recomended by the FDA? I mean, I’ve seen BriBy’s video and he seems fine but this is giving me some pause. Thoughts?

FYI, i’m tweaking this recipe on the fly. i’d like to get ingredients in powder form so i don’t have to crush pills.


Just up your potassium citrate to 11.5 grams and you’re good on potassium. The RDAs are listed below the recipe, and turn green when you’ve hit the mark on a particular nutrient.