"Soylent: a Foodie Minimalist's Perspective"

A more honest review of the idea of Soylent than you would expect from a “foodie minimalist”. (whatever that may be) The author goes back and forth on their opinions. The conclusion is an overall slightly positive outlook on Soylent, but with some caveats.


Maybe I don’t have a great grasp of what minimalism entails, but I was surprised by how long that was.


Certainly not minimalist in word count.

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Ugh. Needs an editor. Couldn’t read past the second paragraph. Gems like “completely nutritionally complete” and “is antithesis” had me doing a double take way too often. If you can’t figure out how to use commas to breakup run on sentences, don’t just throw them in anywhere.

/rant off

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After proper editing:


[optional; ends with a period]

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