Soylent a go/no go for babies?



Seriously, it it a no-go.
But, i do like the picture.


definitely not. congratulations?


Just liked the pic…no congrats for me…2 is enough…:slight_smile:


I hope no one gives their baby Soylent… that would be a very bad idea.


It’s a very bad idea. It’s not perfect for adults, won’t be good for babies. Eat normal.


I would say it’s not proofen to be either good or bad. Therefore we shouldn’t make a judgement about health issues.

But we can definitely say that without the decission of the baby itself, we should not try out untested food innovations.

Therefore a no for babies at least as the effects for adults/teens has been tested etc.


We have proof that its not good enough for athletes. It’s also not in wide use throughout the general population. That should make it a very big no for babies.


Yeah it’s not good for athletes as they mostly eat a lot more food. I mean I wouldn’t suggest to them to just eat one pizza slice instead of the usual x pizzas :wink:
Ok plus the salt issue, I have to ackknowledge.

But yeah no testing on babies, just wanted to clarify that it’s not per se bad for babies, just that we shouldn’t try it out.


My two year old daughter tasted a small sip of Soylent, she seemed to like it a little, walked around a bit then came back but didn’t want any extra :smiley:

I don’t think Soylent is harmful, but I wouldn’t replace my daughters food with Soylent at all. For even younger babies I wouldn’t even dare attempt giving them any!

Perhaps some years into the future when Soylent has been tweaked enough to be acceptable to give to kids… But don’t think it will ever be acceptable to babies


No go for replacing any food for the baby. As others have said, its designed for adults, who have distinctly different nutritional needs from babies.


I’d say not.

I did however design a diy based on baby food, but for adults. Does that count?


With prenatal vitamins and a thorough workover by a prenatal dietician, a doctor, and biweekly monitoring, I bet it’d be great for pregnant moms. However, Soylent 1.0 isn’t there yet (it would probably be ok, look at all the moms that get crap nutrition and then go nuts on pistachios, pickles, and ice cream.) I wouldn’t want to risk the health of a child on any sort of experiment, though. Any risk would be too much, until the science and details are very firmly hammered out.

Genetics and individual health history will also play a large part in nutrition during pregnancy, so any formula would likely require tailoring to the individual. A generic, one-size-fits all formula probably wouldn’t be optimal.


Definitely a no-go. Babies should only be eating Spaceman 100% food.


I’ve done absolutley no reaserch on this, but I’d be very interested in seeing how it was decided baby formula was safe and effective


Even most formulas are far from “perfect”… Many of them cause gas, bloating or constipation in infants… My daughter went through 3 different kinds before we found one that worked for her. There are things about how the different types of choline vary from mothersmilk vs formula… I even think some formula does not contain choline…


There’s already a soylent perfect for babies; it’s called “human breast milk”. It can be consumed direct from the source, or stored using a breast pump.


I can’t like this though. Haha. It is perfectly formulated to children’s needs plus various antibodies to keep the baby from getting sick.


Wait but where is the powder and stuff mixed before it’s dispensed from the source? I mean if it’s pumped, I guess the stuff is mixed by the pump?

It’s Friday and I wasn’t born…I was hatched so I have no concept of this breast milk you speak of…


Apparently you were hatched but not laid. People who have been laid have a better understanding of how it works. :slight_smile: