Soylent, a product that is new to me

Hey you all, I am
New to soyulent and it’s not even a week am using this product. I do feel full after I take two scoops of soyulent. What I am not able to understand is why do I feel so sleepy after taking it ? I almost slept all day because of it. Also very keen on knowing how much weight doesn one loose with soyulent if taken for 30 days. Please tell me I am really curious to know.
Thanks guys.

You don’t necessarily lose any weight with Soylent – some people use it to gain weight. It depends on how many calories you consume.

Soylent doesn’t make everyone sleepy. Some Soylent is powdered; you make it by adding water. The Cacao flavor is particularly popular. Other Soylent is liquid; it comes in bottles and has different flavors, some of which contain coffee, which would of course combat sleepiness.

Do you know what version of Soylent you got? It should tell you on the package. Currently 1.8 or 1.9 for cacao flavor are the powdered ones being sold. Older versions should be fine, but newer is usually better.

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Soylent is food and as such you could gain weight with it, you could maintain weight with it, or you could lose weight with it. It depends entirely on how much you are consuming.

Having done a few 30 Day all Soylent challenges in the past, I can tell you that your first week you’ll lose more “weight” than the other weeks, but it has little to do with fat, and more to do with water and stomach fill (and other things too probably). That’s assuming that you are eating Soylent in a caloric deficit of course.

I can’t say that I’ve ever heard of Soylent making people sleepy however. I’m not going to say that it couldn’t happen, but I would look at other factors for the cause of that.

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Feeling sleepy would probably have two main causes:

-Calorie restriction
You may be taking in less calories than normal, which can make you feel drained and sleepy.
Soylent is super dehydrating. I have to drink way more water than usual when using it.

Weight loss is simply Calories in<(less than)calories burned. Use an online calculator to find your estimated calorie requirements. It is based on your height/weight/age/physical activity.

I end up feeling sleepy after drinking the powdered original soylent (v1.8) I’ve been doing soylent for 1 week 100% of my food. I feel my energy levels have dropped and I often feel fatigued and sleepy as well :frowning: It’s great for me to drink before going to bed XD I am going to continue to drink soylent for another 3 weeks and see if there’s any improvement :slight_smile:

I have noticed that I get really tired as well with soylent. (been 100% soylent for a week) I often feel fatigued and don’t want to do anything :frowning: I am going to keep doing soylent for another 3 weeks and see if the sleepines and drowsiness subside.

It’s kind of funny that no one in the thread has mentioned the primary cause of sleepiness – not enough sleep. I think that Soylent might solve a nutritional problem and focus new attention on a different problem. If you are familiar with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, he theorizes that we have more primitive needs and higher needs, and we focus on more primitive needs first, and don’t worry about higher needs until lower ones are met.

I’ve been getting 8-9 hours of sleep on average. I was getting the same amount of sleep on the Soyent. When I was on my pre-soylent diet, I had a lot of energy and wanted to go out and do things, Whenever I drink soylent for a full day I feel very worn out and brain foggy. I guess something in the formula doesn’t agree with me :frowning:

I agree with you – you are getting enough sleep. So many people these days claim that they can live happily on, say, four hours a night. I’m glad you aren’t one of them.

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Those people are full of it lol! They are lying to themsevles :stuck_out_tongue: