Soylent+ | A subscription that follows you everywhere!


I just had an idea I’ve not seen voiced on the forums yet.

Imagine you live in an RV. I know, how alluring. Anyways, so you live in an RV and you’re always on the move. You wish you could have Soylent delivered, but alas you have no postal address! How can we fix this?

Introducting Soylent+! For the truly on-the-go customer. Every month, your subscription is relayed information about your next destination and routes your order to the nearest post office. Soylent will always be waiting for you at your next stop!

I’m going to assume not many people here live in an RV, but if you did you’d totally opt for this wouldn’t you?


In theory you could go into your account and change the address manually every month to something else, or use a mail forwarding service to forward it to a new address every month.

Of course, you would have to sign up for a new postal box (either at the post office or at a mailbox rental service) at every new location. I’ve rented them in the past for only $10-$15 per month though, so they aren’t too expensive. Potentially, you could order like 3 months at a time, which would necessitate the need for a delivery only every 3 months. (assuming your RV had that much extra storage that you were willing to devote to 3 months of Soylent)


And for backpackers, you could have Soylent waiting for you at strategic spots along the trail.

I don’t think so, but it sounds nice.


While it does sound interesting, for those who move often, maybe not necessarily via RV, it is probably more feasible to simply change the delivery address in your account. So I have to agree with @inquirerer. I’ve already used 3 different addresses for Soylent delivery due to being in the military, and I haven’t had any issues. Also to note, Soylent ships via Fed Ex, so it can be delivered to hotels/motels, though not sure how often an individual living in an RV would rent a room. :-/


Soylent vending machines. Make it so!


Now THAT is something I can get behind!

Actually still wondering if RL partnered with the DoD to test Soylent with troops. MRE replacement perhaps? Guess we can save that for another time/date/thread.


Guess we need to have the bugs worked out on that idea cause nothing worse than having farting squirts while in BDU’s in the middle of nowhere, poor soldiers;(


Every new recruited gets a bag of soylent and a roll of TP


Yes, being accused of chemical warfare is a concern…


If you are staying at RV parks you could have it shipped to the office. I wonder if you are staying in national parks if it can be shipped to the park station? Someone who hikes the Grand Canyon told me she send a box or two of supplies to the north rim in advance. They take off from the south and trade off dirty clothes and trash when they get to the north.