Soylent + Acid Reflux

The past few weeks, I started noticing I have acid reflux. I didn’t associate it with Soylent until life events had me going a couple days without. The acid reflux suddenly disappeared entirely. I went back on Soylent today, and it returned. I generally drink Soylent for ~66% of my meals (breakfast and lunch). It surfaces about fifteen minutes after taking my first drink of Soylent – you know, the burping and the burning sensation in my throat.

I am now realizing that Soylent (1.3 in my case) is causing my acid reflux.

Does this happen to anyone else? What might be the cause? Are there any good solutions? I would hate to be forced to stop drinking Soylent because of my acid reflux.

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Have you tried using an over-the-counter antacid? (You could pour some Maalox in the Soylent, or chew up a Tums or two)

I haven’t ever had trouble with Soylent (In fact Soylent is the easiest thing on my stomach I have ever eaten), but there have been some types of foods in the past, usually spicy, that give me heartburn and I can usually combat it with antacids.

Also try to drink it slower than your current speed.

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Your esophagus may allow liquid food back up from a full stomach more easily than solids… if that’s the case, Tark’s suggestiong of drinking more slowly may help.

As you drink (or eat) slowly, the stomach has time to expand and stretch and relax, making space for your food/drink. If you drink quickly, it’s more like filling a balloon, and it will have a tendency to shoot back up the tube it came down. Drinking slowly also allows some of the drink to begin exiting your stomach down into the intestinal tract before your finish drinking, so that your stomach is never quite as full…

Another option is to get up and take a short walk after drinking your meal. This lets motion and gravity do their work to help your meal work its way down, and lets the stomach expand; your organs shift a little bit, to make space for the food (and for your breathing.) Sitting down in a chair compresses your gut and torso, so sitting around is not great for digestion. If you need to lie down after eating, make sure to lie on your right side; the top of the stomach is on your left side, so lying down on your left will tend to make things run back up. Ideally, don’t lie down at all - take a walk before you feel the symptoms of reflux and see if that helps.


I do experience a mild acid reflux on 1.4, i blame the oats mainly for this, so with oats halfed in 1.5 perhaps that may help? (Experiencing acid reflux mainly means that the contents are simply getting back up a little… I am not a fan og antacids as they are only a temporary fix in that regard)


Thank you @MentalNomad for the informative post – I appreciate it. I’ll try drinking more slowly and walking around after finishing my drink and see how that goes.

Agreed completely.

I noticed it too on 1.3. I didn’t have a solution to it. I know it could be different for you, but for me it stopped in 1.4, and seems to remain gone in 1.5 (although I’ve only been on 1.5 for about a day now, so I might need more time to analyze).

Once I realized it was gone for me on 1.4, I sold my remaining 1.3 supply to people who prefer 1.3, and then went forward with 1.4.

More popularly known as the Kobayashi Shake (see the 1:25 mark).


I noticed this a bit with 1.3 and a lot with 1.4, esp if i drink coffee (which i do at work). I’ve only mixed one batch of 1.5 but have had no issues (also no coffee with it yet, lol)

drinking lots of water before hand seems to help reduce the severity for me

I noticed it still occurs with 1.5 for me, albeit less severe. Too bad I hate the taste so much.

Hoping @axcho’s upcoming Super Body Fuel will alleviate this problem.


So I switched to normal food a couple weeks ago. And the acid reflux gradually went away.

Then today I finally gave Schmilk a try (got a sample a while ago). And the acid reflux came raging right back.

Is it possible that the form of the food, not its contents, caused the acid reflux?

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That seems possible, or maybe an ingredient they have in common that you are sensitive to. You could test your hypothesis by baking some Soylent and seeing if that gives you acid reflux.

If it’s drinking your calories that is the problem, you could try mixing Soylent with the least amount of water possible to see if that ameliorates the issue.

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I have it as well and also attribute it to oats. I’ve in the past occasionally experience reflux after eating oatmeal. And more recently experienced it with DIY Soylent when I was using oats as the carbohydrate source.

I too just started getting a “something stuck way down in my throat” feeling a couple days ago except it’s really more like right in the middle of my chest - and way more burping than usual - even if it’s only 2 swallows of Soylent on an empty stomach.

I’ve been on roughly 100% to 66% (breakfast and lunch) Soylent 1.4 since it first came out (working my way through my surplus). I really like it. I sip it continuously through day from a thermos so I rarely have more than 150 calories at once and I work outside so I’m often fairly active. I use the recommended ratio of Soylent to water. None of the other versions (I’ve had them all) have affected me like this. (Though I have only tasted 1.5, not lived on it.)

I used to have acid reflux before Soylent, when I was eating lots of freezer dinners and Clif bars. That was my diet pre-Soylent. Sometimes I would have an occasional greasy restaurant meal and because I had no self control I would eat too much and the next day would be a burning sensation bubbling up in my throat and general yuck feeling.

So on Friday night (two nights ago) I had a bowl of pasta (delicious, cooked at home) but ate too much :disappointed: and ever since have had this feeling of a lump so low in my throat I’m not even sure it’s considered “throat”, anatomically. And the burping - wow, ridiculous amounts of air somehow is getting in where it’s not supposed to be.

Really going to be upset if I have to go off Soylent :cry:

For now I might try my b/f’s 1.5 for a few days and see if that makes any difference. : :pray:

*edited to add info on meal, below:

OK further research on my part is pointing to the Friday night meal as the culprit, which had garlic, lemon, cheese, and mint in it, and I had a hard cider to wash it all down. Apparently all those things can trigger acid reflux. I’m going to give it a little more time and see what happens before getting too panicked :beers:

Perhaps, now that 1.5 has been out a while and 2.0 is forthcoming, this topic can be bumped?

After a few months of soylent use, I slowly developed fairly extreme and painful acid reflux. I went to the doctor (before I knew soylent was the problem), and was not keen on the endoscope+biopsy, so I read up on acid reflux and started playing with my diet. While there are a few things in my diet that contribute to acid reflux (note, I’m not a smoker, which seems the worst thing), simply cutting out soylent for a week made all acid reflux vanish. Before that experiment, I used lots of additives in soylent; now I’m taking soylent straight and will also experiment with drinking slowly as suggested above, but so far the signs are grim.

If these problems persist, I’ll have to quit soylent. I’m pretty sad about this, since I think I basically land in the perfect use case for soylent: I like food, but 1 or 2 meals every day, hunger comes at an inconvenient time and I simply to not wish to remove focus from other things; before I ate soylent, I ate unhealthy things at those time, and since soylent, I am healthier and feel better, modulo the acid reflux. (Notably, “unhealthy food” meant lots of things which should have contributed to acid reflux, but it was never a problem.)

As such, I’d like to bump this thread and see if anyone has comments. I’ll continue to experiment until my current reserve of v1.4 and v1.5 runs out, but then I’ll have to reconsider.


If i remember correctly, some people here have mentioned that the oats in soylent could be responsible for it.

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Yes, oats are discussed in this thread. It is also mentioned that v1.5 reduces the quantity of oats. So I think it’d be a good time to revisit these discussions, now that we’ve had a number of weeks with v1.5 and this awareness. Ideally, there are some solutions, and those of us with acid reflux do not all need to quit.

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Yes, oats does it for me.

I am not asking you to quit. You said you bumped this thread to see if any one has comments. I posted the comment to help you identify the problem which helps…in finding a solution.

He isn’t implying you asked him to quit.

His statement is that hopefully there is a solution for those with acid reflux so they don’t have to quit.