Soylent across America


I have been mulling over this idea for a while now, and thought I might float it to the community as a possible promotion and “road test” of the official Soylent 1.0 formula once it is shipped, and in has been peoples hands (and digestive systems) for about a month or so.

What if a group of Soylenters were to embark on a cross country cycle ride that takes them from San Francisco to New York and back, fueling themselves on nothing but Soylent, water, fresh air and sunshine.

In each major city, local media would be arranged to cover them passing through, and throughout the trip, volunteers from the community would act as support vehicles / pitstop crew to help out with things like cycle repair, medical assistance if appropriate, etc.

The riders themselves don’t need to do the entire journey unless they want to, we’d just organise a sign up site that you can register to join the team for a section of the trip near you. We’d need a core team of cyclists who ARE doing the whole trip, to make the road test worthwhile.

Obviously we would need to pace it so riders are not blowing a gasket in terms of over exerting themselves - more exercise = more calories required, and we’d need a doctor/nutritionist on the support crew to assess it’s all safe in that regard.

It would take everybody pitching in, and there are many logistical challenges. Where do cyclist sleep and who pays for the various expenses? If organized properly we may be able to get a sponsorship deal from a nationwide motel chain that give us cheap/ free accommodation in return for their logo on the back of the riders “soylent inside” cycle suits.

Anyway I just thought I would put it out there and see what ideas we can up with as a community.

We could also have a DIY contingent that are using a custom formula, which in itself has its own logistic challenges - making up a batch of ingredients in your kitchen once a week is one thing - try doing it on the road.

Anyway, let’s see what we can brainstorm and come up with…


That would require quite a bit extra calories for that distance :slight_smile: the normal portions wont be enough heh, or at least, people would be quite a bit skinnier when you arrived heh


Yes it would require more calories, and take some time. Maybe a one way trip would be more logical otherwise it would take months. However: according to google maps route calculator, NYC to San Francisco is 3245 miles or 5222km, using cycle routes. If you divide this by an average of 90 km per day, and ride at a very slow pace of 18 km per hour (eg accounting for hills etc), a 30 year old will require 2200 extra kcals over and above their normal intake (source: ) mileage varies for different ages and weight/heights, speed etc.

This would equate to a double portion of Soylent 1.0 per day, and the trip would take 58 days, riding 5 hours per day. Throw in some rest days (single portions on those days) and the trip could easily be done in under 90 days - making it doable for international riders to do on a 90 day tourist visa.


a double portion taken for 58 days would likely be a bad idea. Maybe if it was specially mixed up to just have extra macronutrients/calories but then you might as well do it right now using DIY if you’re going to customize it like that.


sure, it may be simpler to customize by adding protein & carbs (eg WPI & maltodextrin), and perhaps some fats.

As for “doing it now” it would take several months to organise, by which time the official product would be out anyway. It would probably also be best to wait for more favourable weather.

Also the whole idea is to promote Soylent, the official product. Perhaps waiting until a customizable version is officially released. Even doing it with Soylent 1.0 + extra carbs / fats / protein would still be worth pursuing.

Also by taking a rest day every 3 days of cycling, and lowering the intake to a standard day for those days, it may not be such an issue.


In the meantime I am personally going to work towards doing a shorter inter city trip here in Australia. I’ll start by adjusting my DIY for more calories and simulating a days ride in a gym. It will take a while to get to that point, but when I am confident i can do it, I’ll do a few short trips followed by a 10 day ride under similar conditions to what I propose for the real deal. I will post my findings.


Could be a great way to market it when they do different blends. Get a cyclist to do the tour de france only eating Soylent on his way round…