Soylent Advertising With Twitch Streamers

I was watching Brian Kibler and noticed he had a little Soylent 2.0 bubble in the corner of his stream, and a referral(?) link button in his info. Are there other people Soylent / Marketing is working with? Is it planned to expand this to more people? I thought it was kind of cool to see, especially from someone that I follow on Twitch.

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Yes. We are interested in Hearthstone :smile:


Awesome! I’ve seen it spark a few discussions in chat, some really good, some obviously trollish (which is to be expected from a medium like Twitch), but I think it’s a great way of getting awareness and appealing to an audience that Soylent is likely to appeal to. Keep up the good work! I can’t wait to see what’s coming next!

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Lots of fun things in the works, keep your eyes peeled.

Hmmm, even in Brian’s stream (which is usually fairly civil for a “larger” streamer) there was a lot more obnoxious chat than I would have hoped for. I’m hoping for the silent majority here that might have seen it and been interested or maybe just made jokes in chat but would actually be willing to look it up.
One big point I saw often (besides “It’s made from people” and “That’s such a good/bad name referencing Soylent Green”) was people saying how Soy is bad (although to my knowledge powdered Soylent doesn’t have soy, although the new premixed will?). Seemed like a really quick gut reaction that could be likely to turn some people away from even looking it up. I’m not sure what could be done to mitigate this, but I’d it made me kind of sad. It’s probably hard to balance properly supporting and explaining a product with not sounding like a shill/sellout especially to vocal and largely unmoderated communities like Twitch.
I’d love to see what the reaction would be like on a much smaller stream (someone like SimCopter1’s stream comes to mind, mostly because I think the community on his stream is one of the greatest on twitch, but that’s totally biased and not necessarily just a suggestion, just me voicing my thoughts out loud).

I’d also love to see some of the telemetry to see how effective ads like these are in both getting people to the site, and getting them to the forums where they can find so much of the useful information. But alas, that’s a privilege I take for granted at my current company (looking at and trying to make sense of data is so much fun though!).

Can’t wait to see what other things y’all have in store for us!

I first found out about Soylent through a Twitch stream (and not Brian’s). About the “troll” comments, a lot of times it’s just people trying to be funny and not actually trolling. It seems like so much is considered trolling these days. About negativity, it really is that any publicity is good publicity for something like Soylent. For the people who don’t check it out, at least they have heard about it, but those people weren’t going to check it out anyways. If anybody checks it out, that’s a plus. Streamers that interact with the chat will probably do a better job because they can give the argument for Soylent.

This is kind of brilliant simply because Soylent sort of is (or will be) the ultimate “gamer food.”

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I tried to exclude just the “It’s people” comments and the like, since those are jokes. A lot of the trolling was people saying it sounds awful, will probably give you cancer/boobs because Soy, personal attacks on me or anybody else that explained what the product was or why we like it and stating that anybody who spoke up was a “corporate shill” etc. I expect a certain level of “sellout” comments whenever a streamer endorses something and some Soylent Green stuff, but some of this went way beyond that. Don’t get me wrong, there was also some good discussion and some people genuinely interested. It just made me curious what a smaller less mob-style community would be like when introduced to soylent.

@wez, yeah, it’s definitely the ultimate “gamer food”, but moreso, I think gamers just tend to like things to be efficient convenient, which is what Soylent excels at.

That is the hope. :smiley:

Is this Twitch the same thing as Is it exclusively for gamers?
I have never watched it, but I hear people talking about it sometimes.

So the point is…you watch other people play video games? (You aren’t playing yourself, right?)

Sorry, I don’t know much about the gamer community.

I never really understood the desire to watch other people play games.


All too often those who have criticisms are called trolls. I’ve been called a troll by people on here numerous times for offering up criticisms, even though I’m not a troll. A troll is someone who purposefully says things just to disrupt conversation while I actually offer up my honest opinions. It’s very possible that the person saying Soylent sounded awful were stating how they really felt. My brother said it sounded disgusting, I had him try it, and then he thought it was even more disgusting after he did so (he hates oatmeal). He’s not a troll because of that.

Sounds like a joke to me.

Hard to tell without more context. It sounds like maybe they were saying it’s a gimmick?

Yes. There is a chat as well. Being a part of the community is a big aspect. People get to know each other, and watching a game is much more laid back than playing the game yourself. Watching is more like a movie, but sometimes you just want to watch a movie.

Hmm, it would be preeetty cooool if you guys got some SC2 progamers to drink Soylent 2.0 at their competitions when LotV releases :smiley:

Does anyone ever play Donkey Kong…or Super Mario Bros. on there? (…or Frogger, or Space Invaders, or RBI Baseball?)

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I have seen various Super Mario Bros. games for sure, but I don’t think it’s common. I haven’t seen any of those others, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve been streamed before. Most of what I see on there are new games and competitive games (esports) like League of Legends, StarCraft 2, and Counter-Strike.

There’s at least a couple guys playing Super Mario Bros. right now (one blindfolded!).

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True… It is kinda like watching sports :sweat_smile: for some reason, some people like that too.

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Sweet, I should hook my original NES up and stream it on there. I would venture to say I am one of the top 10 players in the world at 3-4 different obscure NES games. (out of the over 200 that I have)


If you do then you may want to look into joining a retro gaming community.

Well, you’re the expert. :wink:

We are eager to explore that route.