Soylent Advertising

Use Less, Do More

I like it!


Hopefully they won’t accidentally call it “useless”.

I’m not sure what “use less” even means. I don’t particularly see myself as doing more, either. Is this really a product for a manual laborer?

Maybe it works great as a meaningless slogan. Especially since “tastes great. Less filling!” is already taken.


I think it means use less resources for your food consumption:

Rhinehart stressed to Ars that about half of the lipid calories come from algal sources, which he calls a “very efficient, very sustainable way of producing food.”

But I like your alternative slogan idea: “Soylent: useless!”


Awful commercial that tells nothing about the product. You’d think that Soylent a product that focuses on reducing waste wouldn’t waste money on this kind of advertising.

What it should focus on are the straight up facts about the product. The advertising should be simple, efficient, and cheap. Just like the product is supposed to be.

Give us information instead of some nonsense with a plane crash with Soylent as a small prop. Watching this commercial tells the watcher nothing about Soylent. Whoever created this or commissioned this at Rosa Labs should be fired for incompetence.


Down boy.

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It is at least as good (effective) as most of the commercials I see on TV.

Then they could hire you!

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I just was trying to reconcile the “use less” motto with all those plastic bottles (5/day/person) littering that desert island.


Neh, I just fix computers.

It just seems obvious that a company whose motto is “use less” shouldn’t be creating an extravagant pointless commercial with no useful information.

If they send me a bottle of the new Soylent I’ll quickly make them a clean poster featuring their bottle a small one sentence description and a QR code to more information on Soylent.

Use a single poster like image for social media, ads, or maybe a few posters in stores. Cheaper and multi-use. Actually embodies their motto. Win/win.

Extravagant, pointless, no useful information.

I can see how that would be annoying, @Fatikis

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It’s possible that they didn’t crash an actual plane for the advert.


That’ll work great on TV.


It’s possible they picked the bottles up after they finished filming.

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Of course they did. I’m referring to the fictional scenario. Soylent is suggesting that on a desert island (or hiking/camping) scenario that it makes good ecological sense to use their product.

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My initial comment was intentionally over the top with the firing as a joke.

However the commercial is objectively bad in terms of marketing. The product is not predominately displayed, no information can be ascertained from the video, and the video does not promote the feel of the product. In fact advertisement clearly is at odds with the “Use less” motto.

So like this commercial

Solid marketing strategy.


Well, maybe it does. It’s all trade-offs eh. Maybe algae production is resource-efficient enough that, overall, it’s better for the environment to drink Soylent 2.0, even shipped pre-mixed in plastic bottles, instead of Soylent 1.5.

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They should totally hire you.

Well then the ad should at least hint at that. For the casual viewer, the ad demonstrates that Soylent is a plastics littering nightmare. It’s the wrong message.

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Perhaps the ad doesn’t portray “Use Less”, but the idea that a castaway doesn’t need to spend any time/effort foraging for food is cool.

Back in the late 90s many of us driving GM’s EV1 electric car were upset with GM’s “advertising”… Many drivers had good ideas for how to sell the unique features of the product. But sometimes it seems more energy is spent just trying to keep the viewer’s attention than actually detailing the product’s features…